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Marvel Launches Eternals Comic Series On Digitally O Webtoons
Each issue will have an international creative team of writers and artists from the respective country that the story is being told in. The rotating creative line-up includes writers Dan Abnett, Aki Yanagi, Jongmin Shin, Ju-Yeon Park, David Macho, Rafael Scavone, Yifan Jiang; artists Geoffo, Rickie Yagawa, Do Gyun Kim, Magda Price, Marcio Fiorito; and Gunji[...]
Hailstone Horror Anthology to Launch as Comixology Original
Civil War, written by Rafael Scavone (A Study in Emerald, Hit-Girl and Funny Creek), illustrated by Rafael de Latorre (SuperZero, Animosity and Black Widow) with colors by Wesllei Manoel, letters by Bernardo Brice, and edited by Bis Stringer Horne. "Hailtstone #1" cover art, Comixology, Stout Club Entertainment The 5-issue limited series will be released monthly beginning May 11, 2021,[...]
Funny Creek #5 Review:
Produced by Stout Club, self-described as "creative powerhouse composed by the comic creators Eduardo Medeiros, Mateus Santolouco, Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Scavone," Funny Creek focuses on Lilly, a girl who hits her head and enters the world of her favorite cartoon following a real-life tragedy Now, as Funny Creek #5 plays both Lilly's real-life story and her injury-induced cartoon adventure to[...]
Auto Draft
With just one issue left, this story from Stout Club's Rafael Scavone, Rafael Alburquerque, Eduardo Medeiros, Priscila Tramontano, and Bernardo Brice has been one of ComiXology Original's strongest offerings It's an all-ages comic that tells a cautionary tale of hero worship and, as it's shaping up in this latest installment with Funny Creek #4, seemingly gun[...]
Funny Creek #3 Review:
As both tragedy and a cartoon war loom over the characters in both reality and Funny Creek's fictional world of animation, how does Rafael Scavone's cautionary tale of escapism handle the mix? Scavone writes Funny Creek #3 Credit: ComiXology Originals The story by Rafael Scavone and Rafael Albuquerque, scripted by Scavone, weaves the two narratives together with calm,[...]
Seven Secrets #1 Review:
Stout Club writers Rafael Scavone and co-plotter Rafael Albuquerque start off Funny Creek #2 with a nostalgic flashback of Lilly and her childhood friend, alluding to an impending tragedy that kickstarted Lilly's trip into Clumsy's world that we saw in the first issue The flashback ends five pages into the story, but it gives enough footing to appreciate[...]
All Star Batman
All of a sudden, his understanding and begrudging acceptance of Bruce's mission makes a little more sense – as does the times when Alfred has begged him to leave it behind. We also have tentative ties to the villain of the arc, and a few more threads up in the air that will keep the pace[...]