Funny Creek #2 Review: Stout Club's New Title is a Triumph

In the first issue of Funny Creek from Stout Club, the one thing that was missing from this brilliantly illustrated comic was more background on the lead character, Lilly. She was tossed into the world of her favorite cartoon before we as readers even got the sense of what her regular life is like, and we only learned how much she worshipped the cartoon character Clumsy when she actually met him. Does the second issue follow through and give us a reason to root for Lilly?

Stout Club is back with Funny Creek #2. Credit: ComiXology Originals
Stout Club is back with Funny Creek #2. Credit: ComiXology Originals

It sure does. Stout Club writers Rafael Scavone and co-plotter Rafael Albuquerque start off Funny Creek #2 with a nostalgic flashback of Lilly and her childhood friend, alluding to an impending tragedy that kickstarted Lilly's trip into Clumsy's world that we saw in the first issue. The flashback ends five pages into the story, but it gives enough footing to appreciate the events of Lilly's cartoon adventure and the entire first issue more. Funny Creek has been enjoyable from the start, but this second issue goes a long way to enrich the entire experience. The narrative continues to challenge Lilly's interpretation of her hero Clumsy as she begins to discover flaws in his personality that she didn't on screen, allowing her to stand up and become a hero in this world that she loves so much. It remains to be seen how this animated adventure Lilly is on will tie in with her real-world tragedy, but it's clear that it's going to be an emotional journey.

The interiors, just like with the first issue, present some of the best and most expressive artwork being published today. Artist Eduardo Medeiros, colorist Priscila Tramontano, and letter Bernardo Brice have put together a world that feels part Pixar and part I Kill Giants, while still feeling wholly original, bursting with color and mood in every panel.

Overall, Funny Creek #2 is every bit as gripping as the first issue, while giving the reader, even more, to emotionally invest in Lilly's journey.

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