Funny Creek #4 Review: A Fun, Emotional Comic With Stunning Colors

Funny Creek is nearing its end. With just one issue left, this story from Stout Club's Rafael Scavone, Rafael Alburquerque, Eduardo Medeiros, Priscila Tramontano, and Bernardo Brice has been one of ComiXology Original's strongest offerings. It's an all-ages comic that tells a cautionary tale of hero worship and, as it's shaping up in this latest installment with Funny Creek #4, seemingly gun safety.

Rafael Scavone writes Funny Creek #4. Credit: ComiXology Originals
Rafael Scavone writes Funny Creek #4. Credit: ComiXology Originals

Funny Creek #4 sees writer Rafael Scavone bring both of the stories towards their climaxes. In the real world, a thoughtless moment from Lilly leads to what will seemingly be the loss of her best friend's life… a plot point teased in the series' concept that we are beginning to see come to fruition. Meanwhile, in the cartoon world of Funny Creek, Lilly's hero-worship of Clumsy has been shattered, and she teams up with his deputy, Cody, to take on Cold Joe. If the gun plotline, reflected in both stories, is going where it seems to be going, it may be a bit on-the-nose, but it has still been a joy to read from the start. Since we had a sense of where this was going from the first issue, it's always been about the journey, and, in Funny Creek #4, the journey is an emotional one indeed.

Everything said about Eduardo Medeiros' expressive artwork and Priscila Tramontano's fantastic colors in previous reviews is true here as well. I'd call it the best art in any all-ages title coming out right now, but this work doesn't need a qualifier. The art, especially Tramontano's warm, nuanced coloring, is some of the best being published today, period. It enhances Rafael Scavone's already well-written story, turning it into a beautiful experience from start to finish.

Funny Creek #4 is the second-to-last issue, which means it's almost time to say goodbye to Funny Creek and Lilly. With Dark Horse putting some ComiXology Originals series into print, one can only hope that a physical edition of this series.

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