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Captain America: Symbol Of Truth #1 Review: Distinctive And Polished
Marvel wisely pairs him with artist RB Silva so that one of Marvel's Stormbreakers can smooth over any engineering issues in the script. The splash panel on page six, where Sam Wilson is blown backward by an explosion and gunfire, which you can see below, is particularly striking There's a cheeky word balloon in the panel[...]
Will Ben Grimm Kill Reed
Today's Fantastic Four #28 by Dan Slott and RB Silva, dubbed Nullified rather than Knullified, sees Marvel Comics' first family put through the wringer by The Griever, another one of those fundamental forces of nature they are unable to beat, without destroying reality And in the process, she tortures them with their most likely death[...]
But none of them touch this week's Empyre #0: Fantastic Four by Dan Slott and RB Silva Which has a very different take on events We looked at this a few months ago, but with the comic book in question out this week, here's a little recap. Introducing The Profiteer Empyre: Avengers #0 set up the battleground[...]