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It's Legends Vs Legion And Rip Hunter Returns In Extended Trailer
In it, we get an idea of what happened to Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), who has been missing since the season premiere (My guess is he was hanging out in a place called Broadchurch) Hunter has been reprogrammed to believe his is an American film director named Phil And it looks like we'll be getting[...]
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: Today, Tomorrow And Beyond
I thought there was enough gray area with White Canary and Rip Hunter to not overshadow the other groups and Hawkgirl was there to help give a reason for Vandal Savage to care about them Killing off Hawkman was a nice touch to show that anything could happen My problem with the first season was[...]
New Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer Teases Rip Hunter's Fate And More
Nate Heywood and Amaya Jiwe hook up and if I'm reading it right, we'll see what happened to Rip when the explosion hit and we'll probably find out that he doesn't have his memories and he thinks that Rip Hunter is just a character he came up with This would explain why he didn't contact[...]
George Lucas To Meet The Legends Of Tomorrow
The final scene of the mid-season finale for Legends of Tomorrow shows up what Rip Hunter has been up to He's in 1967 filming a movie about himself Arthur Darvill has the 60's look going on in the scene and is speaking with an American accent So what does this mean? Well, according to Caity[...]
Top Dumbledore Pick Arthur Darvill Will In Fact Return To Legends Of Tomorrow
Darvill, who plays Rip Hunter, disappeared from the show after the first episode this season and hasn't been back, leaving fans to speculation on his status Until now, the most reliable answers came from Bleeding Cool commenter joella, who reported: Rumors abound from "He was too expensive for the show's budget" to "He read the scripts for[...]
The Legends Of Tomorrow Do Exactly What They're Not Supposed To
The team at this point consist of Rip Hunter, Heat Wave, White Canary, Atom and the two halves of Firestorm: Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson. Tonight we see the season premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow on the CW The last we saw the team they had just been visited by Rex Tyler, turns out[...]
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Poster Released
The new image includes returning heroes: The Atom (Brandon Routh), Firestorm (Franz Drameh & Victor Garber), White Canary (Caity Lotz), Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) and Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) Joining them in the new poster is a different version of Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Citizen Steel (Nick Zano). DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns October 13th on the[...]
Jonah Hex Confirmed To Return To Legends Of Tomorrow
Actor Johnathon Schaech doing a self with the script where he appears again as Jonah Hex on Legends of Tomorrow. Hex, the western bounty hunter with ties to Rip Hunter, appeared in the eleventh episode of the first season. Legends of Tomorrow returns October 12th. Look who's officially coming back!!! We're gonna kick some serious ass! #JonahHex #LegendsOfTomorrow[...]
A Look Inside Tonight's Legends Of Tomorrow Season Finale
Rip Hunter tries to return the team to their own time, no longer willing to put anyone else at risk… but Vandal Savage is still out there and he has Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall Executive Producer Phil Klemmer takes a look at the season finale. Legends of Tomorrow airs 8 pm tonight on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Vandal Savage Has Been Moving Through Time
In this look inside River of Time, the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow, executive producer Phil Klemmer explains what it means that Vandal Savage has been moving through time and how that will lead to Rip Hunter and his crew heading to the Vanishing Point But it's a long trip on an already damaged[...]
Five Thoughts For Season 2 Of Legends Of Tomorrow
Besides the connection to Rip Hunter, I think this would be a huge shot in the arm for fans Not as a team member, I think that would be too much unless he replaced The Atom But in a guest role for an episode or two I think this is the character that the producer[...]
How Do You Kidnap Yourself? Find Out In DC's Legends Of Tomorrow
This forces the team to go kidnap themselves… this is getting weirder as I explain it… and take them to the one safe place… the house where Rip Hunter grew up. In the videos below we have an inside look at the episode with executive producer Phil Klemmer and a scene from the episode. DC's Legends of[...]
Jonah Hex Comes To Legends Of Tomorrow
So Rip Hunter leads the team to a temporal blindspot, a place where the Time Masters can't see This one happens to be the old west where Jonah Hex resides In this behind the scenes video, executive producer Phil Klemmer talks about the episode and how their choice of hiding spots goes from good to[...]
Legends Of Tomorrow Got THAT Out Of They Way…
Instead of asking that specific question, they used a DC comics analogy for Hitler, Per Degaton, and asked if it meant saving Rip Hunter's family, should they kill him as a child. The episode was so focused on answering the questions that some of the characters themselves brought up the Hitler question And it took Mick[...]
Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – Marooned
Let's get to the important moments. 1 – We get a good look at Rip Hunter's past and how other Time Masters (and Pirates) look at him We see how he met his wife and how much influence she had on him Though it seems odd that the Time Masters feel a bit like Starfleet in how[...]
Professor Stein: Action Hero On Tonight's Legends Of Tomorrow
In this inside look at tonight's DC's Legends of Tomorrow, executive producer Phil Klemmer talks about the upcoming episode and how it ties into Rip Hunter's past The Waverider heads into deep space to answer a distress beacon only to be attacked by pirates, leaving the only one to save them being 61-year old Professor[...]
Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – Star City 2046 Updated
The interesting thing is that Rip Hunter explained to Sara that this future was not certain yet she still get emotionally involved and has to help. 5 – The rift between Snart and Rory gets bigger when Cold wants to go save their friends from Deathstroke Rory questions what Snart is really doing, what his motivation really[...]
Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – Fail-Safe
Snart is becoming one of the most interesting characters in the series and we can see a potential relationship between him and Sara growing… what that relationship will be is anyone's guess. 4 – For the third time Rip Hunter goes toe-to-toe with Vandal Savage and unlike the first time when he was unable to kill[...]
Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – White Knights
She doesn't know how to control the goddess inside of her which leads Rip Hunter pairing her up with Sara Lance to work things out The problem of course is Sara has issues as well This all leads to a bonding moment between the two and a new connection for Kendra who has already lost[...]
Legends Of Tomorrow Join The Cold War
In tonight's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the team learns that Vandal Savage has defected to the Soviet Union and is helping them with some top secret nuclear project that could tip the balance of power and change the future forever… and why is he there? Because Rip Hunter and crew forced his hand[...]
Star City 2046 And Heat Wave Finds His People
In the video below she talks with Arthur Darvill / Rip Hunter, Caity Lotz / Sara Lance and Dominic Purcell / Mick Rory about their characters and the scope of the series We also get hints at the episode they are currently filming which puts them in Star City in the year 2046 and is[...]
Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – Blood Ties
She sees through Rip Hunter's bull She knows he has lost his way and suggests going after Vandal Savage's money This leads to the two characters interacting through out the episode Sara helping restore Rips confidence while Rip helps Sara deal with the blood lust from the Lazarus Pit This could end up being a[...]
Darvill, Guggenheim And Klemmer Talk About The Waverider
One of the big reveals in the first episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow was the Waverider, Rip Hunter's time ship In the comics Rip usually uses a time sphere which isn't that visually impressive… so the writer borrowed the name of a DC character, designed a ship and added the A.I named Gideon from[...]
Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – Pilot Part I
But for now, on to the important moments. 1 – The opening scene is where we get the setup for the series and met Rip Hunter, but we also get an interesting parallel Though it's not said at the time, it was fairly obvious the Time Masters declined Rips' request to change the future So he goes[...]
Rip Hunter Would Like People To Stop Hitting Him
After focusing on every other member of DC's Legends of Tomorrow we finally get a spotlight on the man who puts the team together, Rip Hunter Already a fan favorite from hanging about with a Time Lord, the new Time Master is played by Arthur Darvill who after years of getting to hear Matt Smith[...]
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Cast Talks About Coming Together
The second clip is interesting in that each cast member has a different way to describe how Rip Hunter assembled the team to fight Vandal Savage… and you have to wonder if how they describe it is a look inside of each character. DC's Legends of Tomorrow debuts January 21st on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [...]