A Real Life Superhero Civil War In Michigan

The Detroit News reports on a schism in the Real Life Superhero movement in northern Michigan, between Petoskey Batman and Bee Sting. The two men, part of a Michigan group that fights crime while dressed as superheroes, accuse each other of all manner of villainy. It includes purported death threats and allegations of welfare fraud, […]

Gail Simone, Real Life Superhero

Gail denies the following makes her a superhero. I disagree. She put herself in potential harm's way to save a stranger, and did something that most people simply wouldn't do, would try to ignore, or would try something less effective. Gail Simone writes the Batgirl comic. On the basis of this, she could be living […]

Phoenix Jones Comes To London

Rob Orr writes; Just like McDonald's, Starbuck's, financial recession, and gangster culture–he's your problem now, UK! (Just kidding, I actually dig real life superhero, Phoenix Jones.) Following a recent period of controversy involving assaulted bartenders and an apathetic Seattle Police Department: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD-ZNTtf6rQ[/youtube] And a (successful) search for heroin evidence in city sewers: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdrpY-qiFe4[/youtube] As promised, […]

How To Be A "Real" Real Life Superhero

I'm still watching Iron Man 3. Maybe I'm liking it, maybe I'm not, there's no way to tell. So thanks to Jenny B of dialtosave international call for this infographic on how you too can become a superhero. Multi-billionaire options and others.

Phoenix Jones Is Recruiting – But Clark Kent Or Peter Parker Need Not Apply

Phoenix Jones is the most famous proponent of the Real Life Superhero movement, due to the fact that he actually beats up bad guys on the streets of Seattle. And gets shot, stabbed and arrested in the process. And now he wants to know if you'd like to do the same. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeCjm6d8M5A[/youtube] WANT TO BE […]

Michigan Batman Arrested For The Second Time

Mark Wayne Williams, a 33 year old from north Michigan has been arrested for a second time in a Batman costume after he refused to leave a crime scene at the weekend. Troopers were responding to the scene of a personal injury accident in which the driver had left the scene. "When we arrived, (Williams) […]

Police Arrest Real Life Super Hero Over Aurora Fears

I am continuing to blame Kick Ass. Ex-military policeman Matthew Argintar, 23 from New Jersey, is a Real Life Super Hero. Dressed in a Batman-like face mask, a cape, arm pads and a bulletproof vest. And also a pair of handcuffs. Outside a Home Depot, he began asking people if there was anything they needed […]

Phoenix Jones, His Nemesis And Seattle's May Day Protests

It's a busy day for Phoenix Jones, the most high profile of the Real Life Superheroes, in his home town of Seattle. First, the self-styled supervillain Red Velvet posted a sophisticated-looking video calling him out and challenging Phoenix to unmask himself (which he already has) And then the May Day protests on the streets of […]

Real Life Superhero BeeSting Charged With Assault

Real Life Superhero BeeSting has been charged on two counts, felonious assault and wearing body armor during the commission of a violent crime. Early this week, Adam Besso in his BeeSting identity, took on a man in a trailer park in Stirling Heights who, apparently, had a loud motorcycle. That was his crime. There was […]

Phoenix Jones, Purple Rain And Dwight Schrute Against Domestic Abuse

Phoenix Jones is the world most famous real life superhero, from Seattle. Purple Reign, is, well, another one, not quite so well known, but also from Seattle. And Rainn Wilson played a real life superhero in the film Super, but everyone still thinks he's Dwight Schrute from The Office USA. Or to me that creepy […]

New York Times Put Real Life Superheroes On The Front Page

Today the New York Times has put Real Life Super Heroes on the front paage of their paper in an article talking about Salt Lake City's own Utah saints, Black Monday comprised of  Red Voltage, Asylum, Nihilist and more. "Red Voltage, who in mild-mannered daytime life is a 23-year-old residential leasing manager named Roman Daniels, […]

Police Drop All Charges Against Phoenix Jones

Publicola reports that they were priveleged to be the ones to tell Ben Fodor, better known as real life super hero, Phoenix Jones, that the city were dropping all charges against him. Arrested for pepper spraying a number of people in Seattle at night, which he defended by explaining he was coming to the aid […]

Phoenix Jones Arrested For Assault

Bleeding Cool have covered the real life superhero antics of Phoenix Jones, who patrols the streets of Seattle challenging the like of drug dealers, car thieves and, now it seems, clubbers. He was arrested by Seattle Police yesterday morning after he is alleged to have pepper sprayed a group leaving a nightclu at at 2.30 […]

Shadow, The Real Life Super Hero Of Yeovil Town

This is Shadow, a ninja who patrols the streets of his home town to make it a safer place to live. And it's not a comic. He's a Real Life Superhero in Yeovil in England. Ken Andre, 33, father of two. And superhero street hero. We met him in a Channel 4 documentary but now […]

The Superhero With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Tonight on Channel 4 in Britain, a documentary The Superheroes Of Suburbia made by Christian Watt looked at British real life superheroes and found, as with all superheroes, their Achilles heel. Or in one case, his Achilles digestive system. Will, who works in finance, in sleepy south coastal town of Torquay's only real life superhero, […]

Joel Ronson's Dad Goes On Patrol With Phoenix Jones, Real Life Super Hero

"I used the mask to become an identity." Tangen's origin story is as remarkable as any of the RLSHs' By day he's a Hollywood studio photographer, responsible for a great many movie posters—Spider-Man, Batman Begins, Thor, Hellboy, Fantastic Four But he's always felt like a cog in the machine "I'm one of those guys who toils[...]

The New Valiant. Just Don't Mention Jim Shooter

Following an interview between CBR News editor Kiel Phegley and Valiant's Jason Kothari and Peter Cuneo, Bleeding Cool received a press release announcing the new Valiant Comics. We've been here before of course. Every few years there seems to be a new attempt to revive the Valiant comic book line. The most concrete was Dark […]

Zimmer, Real Life Super Hero, Defends His Own Mother

Zimmer Barnes is a Real Life Super Hero, working in New York. But now he's gone to Texas, this time to defend someone accused of gun crime. His own mother. Attorney Carolyn Barnes, specialising in medical malpractice, was arrested a year ago for allegedly shooting at a census worker on her doorstep. She had previously […]