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Flash's Robbie Amell, Andy Allo 'Upload' into Amazon's Afterlife Comedy

The future of your afterlife may depend on how strong your Wi-Fi signal is — at least that's the premise behind Greg Daniels's (The Office, People of Earth) new comedy pilot Upload for Amazon. The high-concept comedy is set to star The Flash alum Robbie Amell and Andy Allo (Pitch Perfect 3, The Hero), though […]

The X-Files: Gillian Anderson Unveils Her Six Favorite Episodes

With Fox's The X-Files set to premiere it's eleventh season next week, the show's own Dana Scully, Gillian Anderson (American Gods), made sure that a bit more of "The Truth" got out to fans last week. Working in conjunction with the show's official Twitter account, Anderson curated a playlist of her six favorite X-Files episodes […]

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3: Addressing the Elephant on the Waverider

This article contains spoilers for DC's Legends of Tomorrow coming from the events of Crisis on Earth-X. If you have not watched the full Arrowverse crossover event and don't want spoilers, look away. . . . . . Well, we knew it was coming. Probably long before this season. When you have an incredibly talented […]

The X-Files And 9-1-1 Get January 2018 Premiere Dates From Fox

Even with hit series Empire and Star on hiatus until March 2018, Fox isn't about to give up on Wednesday nights. The eagerly anticipated 10-episode Season 12/Season 2 (depending on your level of fandom) premiere of The X-Files is set for Wednesday, January 3rd at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Joining Chris Carter's creation is Ryan Murphy's new procedural […]

Babysitter Review: Campy Fun, Just Don't Think Too Much

[rwp-review id="0"] The Babysitter is not a particularly great movie. Let's get that out of the way right off the bat. Streaming on Netflix now, and just in time for Halloween, it is however probably destined for campy cult-film status. Going into this one I was not really sure what to expect from The Babysitter. […]

Code 8

Stephen And Robbie Amell's Code 8 Adds X-Men Apocalypse's Vlad Alexis

Vlad Alexis is a relative newcomer to the entertainment industry. He appeared in the film Stonewall as Cong, had roles on two TV series, Trauma and Saving Hope and played the uncredited role of Salesperson in X-Men Apocalypse. But the young actor is now getting a chance to work with cousins Stephen Amell (Arrow) and […]

Ronnie Raymond Returns To The Flash

Word is that Robbie Amell will be reprising his role as Ronnie Raymond, one half of the hero Firestorm. Amell, the cousin of Arrow's Stephen Amell, was part of the first season of the show but went missing and was presumed dead as season 2 kicked off. This was after a quick wedding with Caitlin […]

"What Are You Fighting For?" – A Clip From Netflix's ARQ

Netflix has released a clip from their upcoming film ARQ starring Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Rachel Taylor (Jessica Jones). In the clip, Hannah (Taylor) wants to take the ARQ device to a group called The Block, the side of the war she believes in, to keep it out of the hands of Taurus. Renton […]

Trailer For Netflix's ARQ Starring Robbie Amell And Rachel Taylor

We have the first trailer for the new Netflix film ARQ that stars Rachel Taylor (Jessica Jones) and Robbie Amell (Flash) as a couple living in a dystopian future as a group of masked men break into their home looking for some advanced technology that can create unlimited energy… But it also puts the couple into […]

Christopher Walken And The Celebrity Cats

Normally a film like Nine Lives isn't something we'd cover here. Doesn't quite fit into the superhero / sci-fi / horror categories we usually focus on. But, that aside… it has Christopher Walken in it and he's teamed up with a bunch of internet sensation cats. It also has Kevin Spacey and Robbie Amell… but […]

The X-Files: Event Series – I Wanted To Believe

I didn't get to watch the X-Files: Event Series when it aired on Fox back in January. I caught the ending of one episode and that was about it. But I got sent a Blu-ray copy of the six episodes to check out and I did so over the last couple of days. I watched […]

Robbie Amell Offers Key (And Possibly Spoilery) Deathstorm Details

According to, former Firestorm Robbie Amell has offered a key detail about his upcoming return to The Flash. One that could prove lethal. As previously reported, Amell returns for episode thirteen of the second season as the Earth-2 Ronnie Raymond, an evil version of the character known as Deathstorm. A possible spoiler follows … […]

John Barrowman, Stephen Amell And Snowmaggedon

Because of the horrible weather on the East coast of the United States this weekend, the New Jersey convention Heroes and Villains Fanfest had some major problems with folks getting to the show. Well, some of the cast of Arrow were in attendance and found other ways to keep busy… and of course John Barrowman […]

Rachael Taylor And Robbie Amell Take On Sci-Fi In Netflix's Arq

Jessica Jones' Rachael Taylor continues her relationship with Netflix as she and former Firestorm Robbie Amell will star in the film Arq for the streaming platform. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after the oil supply has been depleted. Amell plays an engineer protecting a technology that could […]

Fox Mulder Recaps The X-Files In The First Minute of The Revived Series

By heading over to the new X-Files site,, visitors can watch as Fox Mulder, played by David Duchovny, gives the quick replay of 11 seasons of the original show in the first minute of the revived series. He mentions his belief in the conspiracy, the arrival of Agent Dana Scully and the abduction of […]