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Exploring New ROCCAT and Turtle Beach Gear During E3 2019
While we were at E3 this year, we took some time to go visit with Turtle Beach to see what they had along with their latest acquisition, ROCCAT We started with the ROCCAT products first as we were shown their new line of game mice We've reviewed items from the Kain line before, but this[...]
ROCCAT Announces New Ultra-Light Noz Gaming Headset
Earlier today, ROCCAT introduced a brand new gaming headset with their ultra-light version called Noz, which will be released in a couple of weeks on April 15th The goal with the new pair is to bring a full audio experience to the series they have, but offering a lighter pair that isn't weighing down on[...]
Messing With Specs: We Review the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 Keyboard
A short time ago we received a brand new keyboard from ROCCAT to test out and review This time around we got their Vulcan mechanical gaming keyboard Usually, when we get ROCCAT products there's a certain style to them that we find charming, but this one steps a little outside of the box from previous[...]
Looking Over ROCCAT's Latest Keyboard at E3
While going through the tech halls and appointment rooms at E3, we managed to score some time to check out what ROCCAT was up to They didn't have a lot to show us this year except for their latest gaming keyboard in the Vulcan This is actually a lovely little piece of tech to check[...]
Do You Hear My Crystal Salt? We Review The ROCCAT Khan Pro Headset
When ROCCAT sent us some items for review (including a mousepad and a wireless gaming mouse), included in that pack was the ROCCAT Khan Pro headset, which immediately made my ears perk up So we ran this thing through the gauntlet to see how well it works. Credit//ROCCAT The first thing to take note is the design[...]
Trying Wireless With Some Flair: We Review The ROCCAT Leadr Gaming Mouse
Last month we got a few awesome products sent our way from ROCCAT, who if you're not familiar with their gear, make a lot of gaming tools and accessories that are on the same level with some of the bigger names you're probably more familiar with One of the products they sent our way was[...]
Searching For A Better Mouse Pad With The ROCCAT Dyad
For the past few years, I've owned a ROCCAT Taito mousepad that I received for review at another publication Prior to owning it, I had gone through my fair share of pads that either didn't do the job because of the surface or didn't feel right on the hand and the arm because of what[...]