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DC Comics Creators Got Negative Royalty Statements In Error
Those with royalties from trade paperbacks, hardcovers, and other collections, still got the usual royalties But if they had single-issue sales, it was negative and deleted from their overall total. Now, this isn't some indictment on modern comic book sales, rather modern publisher accountancy Bleeding Cool understands that the numbers were in error, a glitch of[...]
Power Rangers, Boom Studios, Kyle Higgins and Kickstarter Royalties
And as part of the Kickstarter, they stated; Power Rangers, Boom Studios, Kyle Higgins and Kickstarter Royalties The amazing comic book stories we've published and are making available in this pre-order campaign would not be possible without the talent and contributions of the creative teams that generated them We know the Kickstarter community cares deeply about creative[...]
Graphic from the #DisneyMustPay task force.
The #DisneyMustPay Joint Task Force, an organization dedicated to the radical idea that evil megacorps ought to pay the people whose creativity they exploit for billions in profits, has begun reaching out to comic book creators owed royalties by Disney, the biggest and most evil megacorp of them all The task force, which includes various[...]
Did You Just Get A Random Check From Marvel Comics?
with royalties from 6/17-12/17?!?  G Willow Wilson: Yeah I had to look at that a couple of times Surely a mistake? Or have they been holding our money hostage for four years?! Marc Andreyko: i'm betting the latter. Bleeding Cool has been told by a number of comic book creators that they suddenly got a random and[...]
Paying The Creators Their Royalties First
We wanted to say, "Okay, these books won't be out for another few months, but if you order them now, we'll pay the creators their royalties first." That's why this Campaign. Publishing is long-tail business Printers, translators, delivery drivers, marketing consultants – everyone gets paid first Last on the list are the publishers And then the[...]
Marvel Declines To Answer Questions About Star Wars Royalties
Luke Ross, Douglas Wheatley, Jim Hall, Chris Scalf, Marco Castiello, Andrea Chella and Rick Leonardi. But will they be receiving royalties for this new publication, as they would have done with Dark Horse? Or even a comp copy? We simply don't know When enquiries were made, Marvel told us "We don't discuss business policies with comic sites." Which[...]