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New "No Time To Die" TV Spot

James Bond is Really A Horrible Guy, According to The Novels

Except that if you read Ian Fleming's original novels, you'll discover that Bond is actually a horrible, horrible man.[caption id="attachment_1156416" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Daniel Craig as James Bond, MGM[/caption] James Bond is a Scumbag The Bond of the movies is a debonair man of action and seducer of women mostly from his depiction by Sean Connery, Roger Moore,[...]

007 Bond Binge: "Goldfinger"

007 Bond Binge: Goldfinger Sets Up the Good & Bad Classic Bond Tropes

It provides some of the most iconic moments, best lines, and defined the look and feel of the best and worst of the films, especially during the Sean Connery era This is in so many ways also for better or worse, considering some of the tropes originating in this film that would become standards for[...]

“Bond”: “No Time to Die” Teaser Promotes Wednesday Trailer

Daniel Craig Is The Best James Bond We Have Ever Had

I have been watching Bond my whole life, of course, my father was a huge fan, and Sean Connery is his Bond I never saw the appeal; the sly, smooth, quippy spy bored me and ditto for Roger Moore, who my father despised He didn't have the look in my eyes He looked less like[...]

Crappy St. Patrick's Day: The Disney+ Version of "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" is Garbage

The Disney+ Version of "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" is Garbage

Sean Connery was just as I remember him Janet Munro was the same, too But somehow the main characters had lost some of their edge, even their Irishness in some sense It felt blander, more dumbed down.At first, I thought this was some strange Mandela Effect, or perhaps just the worst impulses of nostalgia[...]

007 Bond Binge: From Russia with Love

007 Bond Binge: "From Russia With Love"

There's even an argument to be made that Daniel Craig's "James Blonde" is really more Robert Shaw as Red Grant than Sean Connery as 007.And what would From Russia With Love be without the love aspect? While Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi) is ordered to seduce Bond as part of a mission, and Bond goes into[...]

007 Bond Binge: Dr. No

007 Bond Binge: Dr. No

James Bond." When Sean Connery uttered that classic line as his first piece of dialogue in 1961's Dr No, he changed the course of cinema history forever The Bond franchise, now in its seventh decade, has produced 25 official films, several unofficial and spoof films, and remains one of the top film franchises of all[...]

Your Best "James Bond"? I'll Take Ursula Andress, Thank You. (OPINION)

Sean Connery was the first face of Bond, sauntering his way into movie theaters with Dr No in 1962 Connery, the eternally Scottish Man's Man, stayed on as Bond for nearly 10 years, appearing in From Russia with Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965), You Only Live Twice (1967) and leaving the series (sort of)[...]

Bond…James Bond To Take Over Stores Shelves From Funko

Bond is one of those licences that they are very protective over. There should really be more stuff out there. I am also astonished that it took this long for Funko to get their hands on this one. But, they always do. And now we are going to get tons and tons of 007 Pops, […]

No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Stand On My Shelf…

The figure is based on how Sean Connery appeared as OO7 in Goldfinger The sculpt looks really good, but what may be the best things are the accessories You get a pistol, a small and large homer tracking device, Fort submariner wristwatch, a recovered German gold bullion bar, Fort Knox bullion bar, a secret note[...]

Tread Perilously Podcast — Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma

Erik tries to explain his like for the Sixth Doctor while the character's first meeting with Peri inspires a visit from Sean Connery.Tread Perilously returns to the Colin Baker era with "The Twin Dilemma."The Doctor's recent regeneration seems to be failing and he decides to meditate in a cave on Titan III But at[...]

Christoph Waltz May Reprise Spectre Character … If Daniel Craig Reprises Bond

And in the character's last two appearances (in the official series) before Spectre, he was opposed by two different Bonds -- George Lazenby and Sean Connery In more recent times, Judi Dench was retained as M in Casino Royale despite everything else rebooting around her.Now, all of this could easily be hot air, but it[...]

Getting The Bonds Back Together – Roger Moore On Rumored Project

but it's a fun idea.Sir Roger Moore told the Sun that producers are trying to line up a film ala The Expendables, that would start previous James Bonds: Moore (89), Sean Connery (84), George Lazenby (75), Timothy Dalton (71) and Pierce Brosnan (65) Moore says that the hold up on the project is Connery who[...]

Alan Moore's League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen To Get Film Reboot

Their first attempt in 2003 starred Sean Connery and opened #2 at the box office behind Pirates of the Caribbean only to get blasted by the critics and burn out at only $178 million Plans for a sequel at the time were killed and Connery retired from the industry shortly after.The new film will not[...]

Why Christopher Plummer Turned Down The Role Of Gandalf

The role was offered to Sean Connery and Christopher Plummer prior to the now almost synonymous face taking the part Plummer recently visited Conan where he talked about why he turned down the role, playfully hating McKellen for doing such a great job He also talks about why he never wants to retire and his[...]

Dave Sim Could Create And Publish James Bond Comics If He Wanted

No Sean Connery Bond for you, not even in Canada And Blofeld may not have a white cat...So, yes, Dave Sim could if he wanted, publish James Bond comic books It's just that most of us wouldn't be able to get copies.. legally.  On January the 1st, the character of James Bond entered public domain[...]

James Bond Aficionados Gather And Talk Best Bonds And Their Legacy At Comikaze

Travis Langley (author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight) Sean Connery played by Steven Jay Rubin (author of The James Bond Films: A Behind the Scenes History and The Complete James Bond Encyclopedia) George Lazenby played by Malcolm McNeill (international law attorney) Roger Moore played by William O’Neill (artist, initial creator of Hurricane Entertainment comic[...]

Sean Connery Is Magneto

Even more, Sean Connery as now, as James Bond And while Connery never tried out for Magneto in the films, he was approached to play Sir Ian McKellan's other big role, Gandalf, but turned it down.Is this a stretch? I don't think so Because there's one hell of a giveaway at the end...Ba dah! Ba[...]

Jack Ryan: Shadow Dullard – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh

Nobody ever talks about how cool a hero Jack Ryan is or how great the books or movies were.  When people talk about The Hunt for Red October, they talk about Sean Connery playing a Russian submarine captain with a Scottish accent.  Nobody talks about the Jack Ryan movies, ever Ryan himself is a complete[...]

Late Night Fun – Mike Mahle Re-Imagines Bond Movie Posters

Mike Mahle took on a project to redo all of the movie posters for the James Bond franchise.  He has done all 23 films so far plus two extra focusing more on the original novels. His intent is to continue with them as new movies come out. All of the posters are shown here along with the […]