Jeff Lemire, The New X-Men Writer?

We reported back in April that Jeff Lemire had signed exclusively with Marvel, in a contract that still allowed him to work on his creator owned and Valiant titles. But since then, we've had no idea what he will be working on in the future, aside from the relatively low profile All-New Hawkeye. Well, I […]

Massive Changes For Captain Marvel, After Secret Wars

Marvel Comics have highlighted a lot of changes for upcoming titles across the range, after Secret Wars. Including X-23 as Wolverine, the Thing joining the Guardians Of The Galaxy and Old Man Logan joining the Marvel Universe. Well, the gossip spinning out of the weekend's Special Edition: NYC comic convention in the sports bars of […]

When Tom Hardy And Charlize Theron Didn't Speak During Mad Max…

Spinning out of the recent Special Edition: NYC comic convention was gossip of the film variety. There has been some mention of ructions between Mad Max stars, Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. Talking to Empire "We fuckin' went at it, yeah" with Perez Hilton reporting "Charlize and Tom are just not getting on together. Professionally, […]

Scott Snyder Makes More On Wytches Than Batman – The Price Of Working In Comic Books

These are common comic book work-for-hire industry rates, compiled by Alex De Campi, and shown off at Special Edition: NYC at the weekend as part of a panel. That is… WFH/PAGE MAINSTREAM INDIE Script $80-100 $25-50 Covers $600-700 $200-500 Line art $200-300 $100-250 Colour art $120-150 $35-100 Letters $20-25 $10-20 They show common ranges of […]

Lying In The Gutters – 8th June 2015 – A Special Edition

Deadpool sits out the Secret Wars in this week's Howling Commandos…. And as comic book convention seems to falls upon comic book convention at this time of year, Special Edition: NYC was the last big one 'till, well, the big one. And Marvel dropped a bomb just before it hit… so what else were you […]

Swag! SE: NYC Edition – Fight Club 2, Agent Carter & More

Having been at several cons lately, I haven't been going in for masses of swag, but I certainly came home with some choice items from this weekend's Special Edition: New York City, my first time in attendance. I had the great honor of talking with a lot of very talented creators at the show, but […]

SE: NYC '15 – Over 100 Photos Of The Show And Creators

With the dust settling on the rather industrial decor of Pier 94 after Special Edition: New York City 2015, I finally have strong enough wifi to upload the photos I've been gathering, mostly from the massive Artists Alley that characterizes the comic-driven show, but also of the vendors, attendees, and cosplayers. It was a very […]

October Could Determine The Fate Of Your Favourite Batbook

Recently, we reported that Dan DiDio has stated that October was going to be a big month for DC Comics. We thought event, crossover, some kind of themed cover maybe… Well, at the Batman panel at Special Edition: NYC on Saturday, Ray Fawkes stated that in October, DC Comics will be reevaluating the one year […]

SE: NYC'15 – Brian Bendis On Dating Redheads, Making More TV And Killing Hawkeye

Brian Michael Bendis dropped hints and brags at Special Edition: NYC at his Spotlight Panel, attended by Bleeding Cool reporter Madeline Ricchiuto. She writes, On announcing that it is Tony in the post-Secret Wars Iron Man book: "We have so many good things coming after Secret Wars we didn't need to pretend it's not Tony." […]

SE: NYC '15: Jock Smells Amazing

They didn't think I'd do it–maybe. But in the SE: NYC Image Genre panel, when the panelists discussed in depth how Jock is one of the best smelling men in the world, according to Scott Snyder, they asked for a Bleeding Cool headline. More specifically "Jock Smells Amazing". Hey, I love Jock, and his series […]

SE: NYC '15 – The Princess Who Saved Herself

I'm thrilled to be reporting from Special Edition: NYC, and even more thrilled to be in the same room with writer Greg Pak and singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton at The Princess Who Saved Herself – From Song to Children's Book panel. Because I'm a huge fan of both Kickstarter and stories that have awesome female leads, […]

SE: NYC '15 – Corporations Are People We Can Punch – The DC You Panel

Derek Trum is sat in today's DC You panel at SE: NYC '15 and reports in… "If corporations are people, they're people we can punch."- Steve Orlando Steve Orlando talked about his relaunch of Midnighter. Covers were shown for first three issues. In issue #3 Midnighter will face off with Multiplex, a villain most recently […]

SE: NYC '15 – Lining Up At A Show To Line Up At Another Show, Day Two

From Bleeding Cool's Derek Trum, from outside Special Edition: NYC minutes ago… In about two minutes the doors will open for the second day of Special Edition New York. Here is a photo of people who are lined up in a separate line that will grant them access to stand in another line, to buy […]

SE: NYC '15 – More From Those Who Came To The Show, Just To Go To NYCC

[youtube][/youtube] This was the situation at Special Edition: NYC today as people came with the express purpose of lining up for tickets for the New York Comic Con later this year. Derek Trum reported on the scrum for Bleeding Cool as the doors opened, we now have video from Ray Flook and, two hours ago, […]