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house of the dragon
Because to check it out, you had to check out Discovery's "Shark Week." But that's yesterday's news, so let's plant our feet firmly on the ground and take a look at what HOTD has in store. Image: HBO So for a look at a show that's already boasting of having 17 dragons in it (considering the title,[...]
Monopoly Is Celebrating Shark Week? Yes, That Is A Thing
The Op revealed this week they have a brand new version of Monopoly on the way to celebrate Shark Week Yes, really, this is a thing Officially being called Monopoly: Predators of the Deep Edition, the team has formed a partnership with Discovery to bring all of the fearsome action from one of the ocean's[...]
Celebrate Shark Week With The Grumpy Octopus Pal, The Grumpy Shark
Shark Week is upon us and that means thrills, shrills, and a bloody water filled good time The week long event ion Discovery Channel is celebrated by many and has even received some sweet and cool collectibles in the past couple of years To help us celebrate Shark Week this year, as The Grumpy Octopus[...]
Shark Week
Okay, that might suck as a joke but it's a great line-up for Discovery Channel's Shark Week 2021 With all of those names in play (and as you're about to see, a ton more), it's no surprise that this week's shark programming (starting Sunday, July 11, and continuing through Sunday, July 18) comes in at[...]
So you know that Discovery Channel's Shark Week 2020 is taking to ocean starting Sunday night, August 9- but that's about it Thankfully, you found your way to us because you don't want to go wading into those programming waters and get yourself lost What follows is the line-up for this year's televised homage to[...]
Shark RPG “Maneater” is Celebrating Shark Week with a Dev Diary
The video is the first in a series of behind-the-scenes looks at development on the game, and was released this week to coincide with Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week programming. Additionally, Tripwire Interactive also announced that pre-orders are now available on the Epic Games Store and if you pre-order before Monday August 5th, 2019 you'll receive[...]
The Meg
Every year we get Shark Week, and SYFY still laughs all the way to the bank every time they kick out another Sharknado film So when something like The Meg trailer came along, it was like blood in the water with fans of popcorn movies (myself included) thrilled at the prospect Unfortunately now that the[...]
Shark Week Celebrates 30th Anniversary, 2018's Schedule of Jawsome
There are fewer true joys in the summer than Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week This year the aquatic fete will hit 30 years on the air, and they've got some pretty big programming lined up to celebrate. These are just some highlights of the 2018 Shark Week schedule: On Sunday, July 22 at 7pm (EST) Alien Sharks: Greatest[...]