Celebrate Shark Week With The Grumpy Octopus Pal, The Grumpy Shark

Shark Week is upon us and that means thrills, shrills, and a bloody water filled good time. The week long event ion Discovery Channel is celebrated by many and has even received some sweet and cool collectibles in the past couple of years. To help us celebrate Shark Week this year, as The Grumpy Octopus Company set us some of their new Grump Shark Merchandise. Two adorable pals were sent over with the adorable, comfy, and grumpy Shark plush and matching slippers. The Grumpy Octopus is old news as this Shark is not taking any sass this time around when he watches Shark Week.

If fans need more shark apparel they also have these one size fits all slippers that add some comfort and man-eating style to your collection and wardrobe. All of these products are super soft and hard to put down as they are just so comfy to hold. The 12" Grumpy Shark is priced at 29.99 with the slippers priced at $21.99 and with can be found online through the Grumpy Octopus Store here.

"A very relatable stuffed animal. This little grumpy shark is just not having it today. Why so grumpy, you ask? Nobody really knows, but he sure will brighten your day. Very angry but very lovable. Ready to be taken everywhere you go. But be careful; he will get a lot of attention, and cause a lot of smiles. Adopt one for yourself! But please, do not annoy him!"

"Do NOT sing happy songs to him. Grumpy shark hates shark songs, and shark related jokes. He just wants to be left alone. Being around people gets him extra grumpy. He prefers hiding in small secluded places like bushes, plant pots and cupboards. What gets him really angry is when you call him cute, adorable or use any other words of endearment."

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