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9 Things About 9 Of Tomorrow's Comics (Semi-Spoilers)
Everyone really wants Howard The Duck's liver in SHIELD #9 9 And in the Batman Annual, Bruce Wayne picks up a gun Like Doctor Who, it generally means something has gone very wrong indeed… Again, thanks to a friendly retailer or two, some very semi-spoilery teases for a few comic books coming out tomorrow… 1 Aquaman #44[...]
MMG Issue 85: Marvel's Deep Roster
  Bleeding Cool welcomes back the podcast Mighty Marvel Geeks, hosted in part by Mike Ehmcke, who also hosts the podcast We Be Geeks, which runs on
When Phil Coulson Met Leonardo Da Vinci
There are a number of ages to SHIELD at Marvel Comics There is the age that begat it, the sixties with Stan Lee and Jim Steranko, and continued after then Then there is the reinvention of SHIELD by Brian Bendis that would be incorporated into the movies and television series and back into the comics[...]
Marc Guggenheim And Mike Norton Relaunch Agents Of SHIELD #MarvelOctober (UPDATE)
Today, we have a lot of Marvel news coming through about their All-New All-Different Marvel relaunch in October. And we have a very different looking Agents Of SHIELD with Marc Guggenheim taking over from Mark Waid and Battlepug's Mike Norton with the suggestion that SHIELD and Hydra will be getting into bed with each other… What with Ant Man[...]
Making Quake An Inhuman And Changing Her Name To Skye, In The Comics
as drawn by Greg Smallwood. Rather a lot  like Kyle MacLachlan in the same role on the Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD TV show… Quite the resemblance, no? Of course Coulson is looking a lot less than he did in issue 3 by Alan Davis… And more like actor Clark Gregg[...]
Of Course SHIELD Are The Bad Guys, You've Only Just Realised?
So I got into conversation on social media, as one is want to do, with some disappointment that SHIELD have seemed too much like the bad guys Devin Feraci wrote a big piece here, saying, The SHIELD on this show remains a bunch of assholes, assholes who do things like wipe Skye's dad's mind (he's the evil[...]
Agent May, Skye And Carter Get Their Own Comic Books In September
Last week's Agents Of SHIELD made it official, Skye is "Daisy Johnson". Better known in the Marvel comics universe as groundshaker and son of Mister Hyde, Quake. There she is a mutant Agent of SHIELD Though the TV show isn't allowed to use mutants due to the publisher's deal with Fox Studios, she has become an Inhuman. And, as[...]
A Second Marvel Zombies Title For Secret Wars And What Is The Shield?
Well now we are getting a second. Bloody-Disgusting has worked with Marvel PR to announce a Marvel Zombies series by Si Spurrier and Kev Walker for June. With an irresistible premise, this new series follows Elsa Bloodstone as she's dealing with the sisyphean task of defending "The Shield," a barrier on the southern hemisphere of Battleworld[...]
A Close Look A The LEGO Marvel Superheroes SHIELD Helicarrier
Lego has released this video showing off the new Marvel Superheroes set, The SHIELD Helicarrier This set is pretty cool looking and contains to different sizes of figures as well as the smallest Quinjet made for Legos yet. [youtube][/youtube] Lego has released this video showing off the new Marvel Superheroes set, The SHIELD Helicarrier[...]
A Comic Show – A Star Wars Celebration!
I've got a good feeling about this! Marvel also had SHIELD #2 with Ms Marvel, Spider-Verse featuring punk rock Peter, and Avengers stand outs. DC's Batgirl bounced back from last issue's controversy, and Fables: The Wolf Among Us is more Bigby from the video game of the same name. Speaking of bouncing back from controversy, Rat Queens:[...]
When Joe Quesada Drew Fitz And His Monkey For The Cast Of Agents Of SHIELD
Today sees the publication of SHIELD #1, a new Marvel comic book featuring the characters from the TV show, Marvel's Agents OF S.H.I.E.L.D but operating in the comic book Marvel Universe. There's also backmatter, including what is dubbed as a present from Marvel CCO Joe Quesada to the cast of the TV show[...]
In One Week And Next Year – Those Damn Dirty Trekkies
The launch of Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes, SHIELD and Abigail And The Snowman But the week after? Catch up time as we get launches of Lady Killer, IXth Generaton, Ant-Man, Avengers; No More Bullying, Operation Sin, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Wolverine, Steam Tales and Feathers, DARK HORSE COMICS MASSIVE TP VOL 04 SAHARA $19.99 X TP VOL 04 BETTER OFF DEAD $14.99 DC COMICS BATMAN ETERNAL[...]
Archie's Black Hood Enters Marvel MAX And DC Vertigo Territory
So, no, these are not your Grandfather's Red Circle Comics. Other titles will see The Fox go to a new dangerous mania and The Shield is expected to appeal to a Tumblr audience. The approach is to bring in writers and creators who can bring in an audience from outside comics using novelists like Duane Swierczynski, Chuck Wendig[...]
Will You Party With S.H.I.E.L.D. In Your Local Comic Store This New Year's Eve?
#1 with your fellow enthusiasts. The S.H.I.E.L.D #1 party kit, launching on New Year's Eve will be conditional on stores ordering the comic at 125% of their orders for Original Sin #6. Qualifying retailers will be able to order the S.H.I.E.L.D #1 Deadpool Party Variant in as many quantities as they like, and get one copy of the  S.H.I.E.L.D #1[...]
Deleted Scenes From Captain America: The Winter Soldier
These scenes focus on SHIELD and a bit more with Maria Hill The movie comes out in Blu-ray and DVD in September. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Two deleted scenes from Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier have been released These scenes focus on SHIELD and a bit more with Maria Hill[...]
New Shield Comic To Bring TV Characters Into The 616
From the Liveblog by Joe Glass: SHIELD issue 1 coming in December by Mark Waid and Carlos Pacheco, Alan Davis, Chris Sprouse and more, introducing characters from the TV show into the 616. They will be done in one stories, and everyone in the MU is a potential agent of SHIELD. Coulson is one of Waid's favorite characters[...]