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"My Hero Academia" S04E12 "Unforeseen Hope" Grabbed My "Feels" & Wouldn't Let Go [SPOILER REVIEW]

The animation was simply amazing and I cannot get over the visuals whenever Sir Nighteye uses his quirk—those "film strips" were brilliantly used visually to denote the gravity of the situation. this week's outing, Deku does great by his Senpai, Lemillion—he humbly stands against Chisaki on a great battle so far along with Sir Nighteye[...]

my hero academia

"My Hero Academia" Season 4: Our Thoughts on Funimation's NYCC Preview [OPINION]

As much as he may not want to admit it, Shigaraki is going to need Shie Hassaikai’s help to get through the heroes., the rest of what we saw was all related to one main subject: Deku wanting to intern under Sir Nighteye We saw Deku with All Might, discussing his plan to train harder[...]