Happy Cancelled by SYFY After 2 Seasons Because We Cant Have Nice Sick Things

'Happy!' Cancelled by SYFY After 2 Seasons Because We Can't Have Nice, Sick Things

Pretty sure there are a whole lot of fans hoping that the second season finale title "Resurrection" is a sign of what will be the eventual fate for the Christopher Meloni-Patton Oswalt-starring series Happy! now that the series will not (at least for now) be returning for a third season. While ratings for the show's second […]

Happy EP Brian Taylor Actor Patrick Fischler Promote Huge Season Finale Resurrection

'Happy!' EP Brian Taylor, Actor Patrick Fischler Promote "Huge" Season Finale "Resurrection"

Patrick Fischler (Smoothie) returned the favor with a shout-out to Taylor as well as urding fans to watch the episode live: here's hoping Happy! "Resurrection" answers at least half of the questions we have going in, including:● Can Sonny Shine “Make Easter Great Again” – or will he literally die trying?● Is Orcus (Ritchie Coster)[...]

Happy Season 2 Finale Recruits Jeff Goldblum to Make Easter Great Again [PREVIEW]

'Happy!' Season 2 Finale Recruits Jeff Goldblum to "Make Easter Great Again" [PREVIEW]

Aong with that, we have Sax (Christopher Meloni), Amanda, and Happy (Patton Oswalt) getting Saw'd by Smoothie (Patrick Fischler), forced to play his game if they want Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo) back - or what's left of her back.So with that level of crazed momentum barrelling towards season finale "Resurrection," it's only fitting that the fine[...]

Happy Season 2 Episode 4 Blitzkrieg: Sonny Shine Wants Dayglos Show Sax Hates Old Folk [PREVIEW]

'Happy!' Season 2, Episode 4 "Blitzkrieg!!!": Sonny Shine Wants Dayglo's Show; Sax Hates Old Folk [PREVIEW]

and Smoothie (Patrick Fischler) about to become Hailey's (Bryce Lorenzo) new mentor/guardian angel? How's that work with Sax or Amanda (Medina Senghore).. or Sonny Shine?[gallery ids="1019208,1019209,1019210,1019211,1019212,1019213,1019214,1019215,1019216,1019217,1019218,1019219,1019220,1019221,1019222,1019223,1019224"] Season 2 begins with Easter on the horizon –a season of hideous pastels, dye-stained fingertips and a general “who really gives a f***” attitude[...]

Happy Season 2: So Remember That Time Christopher Meloni Mooned NYC [VIDEO]

'Happy!' Season 2: So Remember That Time Christopher Meloni Mooned NYC? [VIDEO]

If there's one thing that can be said about SYFY's second season of Happy!, it's definitely not a repeat of the first season's mind-blowers – and that's saying a helluva' lot. To "Make Easter Great Again," the cast and crew behind the Grant Morrison/Darick Robertson comic book adaptation have elevated their game to live up […]

Happy Tallahassee Preview: WTF Did We Just Watch WTFs in Nicks Fridge WTFs a Pink-Eyed Smoothie

Happy! "Tallahassee" Preview: WTF Did We Just Watch? WTF's in Nick's Fridge? WTF's a "Pink-Eyed Smoothie"?

we really weren't ready.Taking a look at Nick’s Karmic scorecard, we had: exploding nuns, leather-bound bunnies, a possessed Blue (Ritchie Coster), Isabella (Debi Mazar) turned into a pin cushion, organ harvesting rings, a pink-eyed Smoothie (Patrick Fischler), Merry’s (Lili Mirojnick) “crazy room,” Amanda’s (Medina Senghore) Sonny Shine (Christopher Fitzgerald)-induced PTSD moments hitting with a rave[...]

Happy Season 2: Who Is Nick Sax Were Glad You Asked&#8230 [PREVIEW]

'Happy!' Season 2: Who Is Nick Sax? We're Glad You Asked… [PREVIEW]

With less than a week to go (finally!) before SYFY unleashes the second season of Happy! upon a so-not-ready world beginning Wednesday, March 27, fans of the mayhem that Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) and his not-so-imaginary friend Happy (Patton Oswalt) are getting a chance to learn more about "The Man" behind "The Myth"… the man Keith Richards looks at with […]