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George R. R. Martin on 'Endgame', Updates 'Game of Thrones' Successor Shows
Martin took some time out of his busy schedule of not completing the Song of Ice and Fire series to update us all on his Not-A-Blog today on a few different things. Credit: George R R Martin (website) GRRM says he went and saw Avengers: Endgame, praises the action in the final battle, and the true hero of[...]
King Joffrey Takes His Place in CMON's 'Song of Ice and Fire' Game
CMON was kind enough to add King Joffrey to their Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game for those of us who would like to murder the smug little creep whenever they want! Officially born as the son of Robert Baratheon, King Joffrey is a Lannister down to his core Not much more than a boy,[...]
CMON's 'Song of Ice and Fire' Previews New Units
Brand new units are coming to CMON's Song of Ice and Fire table-top miniatures game, providing plenty of options to flesh out existing armies from Westeros. Credit:// CMON First up is the second set of Stark Heroes, adding the fearsome swordsman Syrio Farel, Aria Stark, perpetual arrow magnet Rickon Stark and his Shaggydog, and the Reed kids,[...]
"Gonna Give it to You" George R. R. Martin Says About 'Winds of Winter'
Martin has been "struggling for years" to complete the next tome in the Song of Ice and Fire series, which inspired the HBO series Game of Thrones. George R R Martin, photo courtesy of Martin's website Fans don't begrudge him the loss of a spark of inspiration really, but, he keeps assuring readers the book is coming. Most recently,[...]
George R. R. Martin has Been "Struggling" With Winds of Winter for Years
The 6th in the Song of Ice and Fire series has been expected for sometime, but we still don't know when it may be completed. Author George R R MartinPhoto by Krista Kennell / Martin recently spoke with The Guardian about his upcoming within-universe book "Fire & Blood" (which releases on November 20th), and happened to[...]
Mongoliad Softcover
The characters are lively, the story paced at a jaunty clip that makes the time fly by, and the book dreadfully hard to put down. If you've enjoyed massive epics such as the Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin, or The Tales of the Black Company by Glen Cook, this is another[...]
Game of Thrones
Martin's Song of Ice and Fire saga quickly caught hold of audiences all over the world under the guidance of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Official season 8 announcement key art posted by HBO To celebrate this milestone in the show's history, Arya Stark herself (Maisie Williams) posted on her Twitter a call for fans to share their favorite Game[...]
This Game of Thrones Tarot Card Set is Amazing
If you're a fan of both HBO's Game Of Thrones tv series and the source material "Song of Ice and Fire" novels by George R R Martin, have we got the tarot card set for you. Perfect for the GoT collector or arcane practitioner, this beautiful 78 card tarot deck has the classic major and minor arcana as well[...]