King Joffrey Takes His Place in CMON's 'Song of Ice and Fire' Game

One of the most gloriously delicious deaths in the history of Westeros was that of King Joffrey, mighty Hunter of Kittens, Taunter of Orphans, and all around sweet kid. CMON was kind enough to add King Joffrey to their Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game for those of us who would like to murder the smug little creep whenever they want!

Officially born as the son of Robert Baratheon, King Joffrey is a Lannister down to his core. Not much more than a boy, Joffrey now sits on the Iron Throne of Westeros, but can be found occasionally taking up sword against the enemies of the crown and House Lannister. Fortunately for his highness (and those supporting his rule), the white-cloaked Kingsguard are never far from his side, protecting his majesty whilst on the battlefield.

Joffrey will be one of those rare characters in Song of Ice and Fire that can be fielded as a combatant, or off of the table as a Non-Combat unit, pulling strings behind the scenes. One of the cooler game mechanics CMON has worked into Song of Ice and Fire is that some characters, like Cersei and Sansa, can effect the outcome of the game with political influence over their armies.

Joffrey benefits from this game mechanic, as he can be fielded as the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, in which he exerts his iron will over troops on the table-top. Joffrey can also be fielded in combat as the First of His Name, which has him hitting the battle surrounded by his loyal Kingsguard.

When King Joffrey dons his gilded armor and summons the Kingsguard to battle, he joins with SEVEN distinct heroes to form a single devastating Combat Unit. The Kingsguard are a deadly combination of skill, duty, and the best equipment the royal coffers can buy. As a unit with 8 non-restorable Wounds, the Kingsguard are utterly Fearless.

Lannister players can also opt to add each member of the Kingsguard to individual units of their armies. Each member of the Kingsguard adds a unique benefit to the troops they are attached to:

Ser Boros Blount inflicts automatic Wounds to enemies that attack his unit while House Lannister controls the Crown. The expert dueling skills of Ser Jaime Lannister inflicts extra damage on enemy units and can even outright slay Attachments that could be leading them! You might desire the veteran tenacity of Ser Barristan Selmy, who restores Wounds to his unit in the name of the Crown and bolsters their bravery. All seven Kingsguard members have their own reason for being called upon to lead a unit, possibly even being a greater asset than when they join up and fight as one to protect the impetuous King Joffrey.

I am really hoping that CMON releases the Tyrell faction soon, and that Lady Olenna has a "poison the creepy chump king" action. Please, CMON! I need to see Joffrey suffer in a million different ways!

Joffrey and his Kingsguard will be available on March 29th as the Lannister Heroes II boxed set, and you should be able to pre-order it from your favorite game store now!

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