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People Love Their Orange Juice in Latest Splatoon 2 Splatfest
The latest Splatfest has come and gone in Splatoon 2, and it shows just how passionate people have become when it comes to orange juice As always, whenever a Splatfest is launched, the ladies ask you a simple enough question to get your opinion on a matter This time around they asked which version of[...]
Splatfest splatoon sneakers nike
Japan's next Splatfest for hit Nintendo Switch game Splatoon 2 is being sponsored by Nike — which means we've got vaguely Splatoon-themed sneakers coming to the game The announcement was made by the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account just this week. フェスの開催が告げられた。お題は「どっちが欲しい? 最新モデル vs 人気モデル」。ナイキ様のご協力でお送りする。まだ誰も持っていない最新モデルと、みんなに愛されている人気モデル、手に入れたいのはどっち?期間は3月24日(土)15:00~3月25日(日)15:00だ。 pic.twitter.com/R40StXbxx8 — Splatoon(スプラトゥーン) (@SplatoonJP) March 16, 2018 Alright, so the sneakers aren't quite Splatoon-themed — instead, Splatfest[...]
Splatoon 2 is Getting New Amiibo, as well as a Map, and Weapons
You can watch a short teaser below. https://youtu.be/iBo54LdBZDgVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Splatoon 2 – Off the Hook – New amiibo (https://youtu.be/iBo54LdBZDg) Nintendo also mentioned that a new map is on the way, along with a new weapon set called Dark Tetra Dualies The basketball-themed map is called Goby Arena, and you can view[...]
splatoon 2
Those panels will offer insight into the development of both Splatoon 2 and Arms. In the session titled "Splatoon and Splatoon 2: How to Invent a Stylish Franchise with Global Appeal," producer Hisashi Nogami will discuss the genesis of Nintendo's popular ink-based shooter, as well as the challenges the studio faced in crafting a unique sequel for the Switch[...]
Splatoon 2
Nintendo has been constantly updating Splatoon 2 in the form of new weapons, maps, Splatfests, and patches — and that seems to be a trend they plan to continue. credit///Nintendo Nintendo has officially released a brand-new patch for the squid-based third-person shooter and, while it doesn't add any new content, it does implement fixes for a few bugs. The patch,[...]
What To Expect From The 'Splatoon 2' 2.0 Update
Below are some of the latest additions that Nintendo will be rolling out into Splatoon 2's 2.0 update when you get around to downloading it on your console today There's a small laundry list of bug fixes that you can check out at this link as well, but for the time being, here's everything you[...]
Splatoon 2
credit///Nintendo Nintendo continues to roll out additional content for Splatoon 2, and is now releasing two free software updates with a ton of new content for all players Because Nintendo knows you like your live updates without micro-transactions. The first free update hits on November 23rd and adds a new stage for Salmon Run, new gear and new hairstyles[...]
Nintendo Detailed Splatoon 2 In Today's Nintendo Direct
With Splatoon 2 launching for the Switch in just a couple of weeks, Nintendo partnered with the Squid Research Lab to provide a refresher on some of the new and returning features coming to the squid sequel in today's Splatoon-themed Nintendo Direct The presentation highlighted many of the game's new features, new weapons, new locations and, most[...]
A Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct Is Coming Later This Week
Nintendo announced today that it'll be hosting a Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct on Thursday, July 6th The broadcast will air worldwide at 10 a.m ET/7 a.m PT The Direct will provide a "re-FRESH-er on some of the new features, weapons, and styles" that will be found in the newest Splatoon. The broadcast might not offer much in regards to[...]
Actual Splatoon 2 Gear Will Soon Be Available At Gamestop
It isn't exactly the first store I would like to for a squirt gun or any kind of toy beyond a video game, but apparently, Nintendo has made a rather weird decision as far as marketing for Splatoon 2 goes You'll soon be able to purchase Splatoon squirt gun at Gamestop. The retail chain will now be[...]
Nintendo Is Selling Empty 'Splatoon 2' Switch Boxes In Japan
That's what Nintendo is doing right now as you can purchase a Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch box (just the box, totally empty) for ¥540 (about $5). #Splatoon2 hype is so off the charts in Japan you can buy the box for the Switch bundle. Just the box For $5 pic.twitter.com/ju7Ridq3Bh — Daniel Vuckovic DX (@VOOK64) May 18, 2017 The reason[...]
Check Out Nintendo's Special 'Splatoon 2' Version Of The Switch
credit//Nintendo When Splatoon 2 is released on July 21, fans will be happy to see this specialized system on the shelves (for as long as they last) A special Splatoon 2 version of the Nintendo Switch, complete with the game and designed in neon green and pink colors There will also be a pro-controller version in[...]