Nintendo will be Focusing on Arms and Splatoon 2 at GDC 2018

Nintendo will be Focusing on Arms and Splatoon 2 at GDC 2018

Nintendo will hold a pair of talk sessions at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC). Those panels will offer insight into the development of both Splatoon 2 and Arms.

In the session titled "Splatoon and Splatoon 2: How to Invent a Stylish Franchise with Global Appeal," producer Hisashi Nogami will discuss the genesis of Nintendo's popular ink-based shooter, as well as the challenges the studio faced in crafting a unique sequel for the Switch. Of course, it'll be a fascinating discussion on game development as well as a bit of a celebration of Splatoon 2's success.

During the other session, titled "Arms: Building Mario Kart 8 Insights into a Showcase Nintendo Switch Fighter," Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Arms producer Kosuke Yabuki will shed light on how some of Nintendo's prior games aided in the creation of the Switch-exclusive fighter by taking feedback from Mario Kart 8 into account. Yabuki will also discuss how the studio incorporated motion controls into Arms and detail some of the challenges the team faced in creating a game that showcases the unique concept of the Switch and capitalizes on it's hybrid nature.

Last year's Nintendo GDC panel focused on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and how they built a 2D version of the game to make sure it succeeded as a 3D Zelda title.

GDC 2018 runs from March 19-23 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. Passes are available for the show now.

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