WWE Is Bringing Back The Classic WCW PPV Starrcade As Network Special In November

Starrcade was once WCW's version of WrestleMania, but now it's set to return as a Smackdown Live exclusive House Show (which will likely air as a WWE Network special). The show was revealed by the Twitter account for the Greensboro Coliseum, where the event will be held. Shinsuke Nakamura is set to battle Jinder Mahal […]

A Look Back At The Show 'Starcade' With The Creators

A couple weeks ago, Twitch launched another of their marathon live streams, this one specifically featuring Starcade, the 1980's arcade game show that used to run on TBS with the occasional syndication afterward over the past few decades. The stream did so well that Shout! Factory decided to load the complete library up for people […]

Twitch To Run Classic Game Show 'Starcade' For Next Marathon

Long before eSports, long before Nick Arcade, long before the original Nintendo World Championships… there was Starcade. This is a show that pre-dates the existence of most of you reading this as it was the first game show centered around arcade games. Contestants would go on and compete against each other on classic arcade games […]

Get Ready For Retro Arcade Action With Twitch's 'Starcade' Marathon

It may be San Diego Comic Con, but that won't prevent Twitch from getting into the spirit of things and announcing a brand new Twitch marathon. At the SDCC panel today, Twitch announced a partnership with Shout! Factory to host a marathon of Starcade. If you don't remember the show, Starcade was a classic game show […]