The Curse Of Ragdoll: Mike Wolfer Goes Goth(ic)

Mike Wolfer writes for Bleeding Cool: If you're a fan of Avatar Press, you're probably familiar with my work as a writer, artist, or both on Warren Ellis' GRAVEL, Garth Ennis' STITCHED, Brian Pulido's LADY DEATH, and a host of other horror titles including FRIDAY THE 13TH and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Throughout May […]

Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Comics – Epic Kill, Savage Dragon, Mara, Lost Vegas, Superman, Ami-Comi Girls, Earth 2, Fashion Beast, Stitched, Detective Comics, All New X-Men, A Plus X, Bedlam, Rorschach, Dan The Unharmable and Iron Man

  MIND READING I do like it, as with Epic Kill, when the character says basically what I've been thinking for the last five pages. It suddenly feels weirdly interactive. Let's see if I can get Savage Dragon to do the same for me? SAVAGE MONDAYS   Well, it's certainly something I wondered, but hen […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: STITCHED #11

What began as Garth Ennis' modern tale of horror rooted in ancient, supernatural legend continues with Mike Wolfer and the amazing new artist Fernando Furukawa! Hidden in an opulent mansion in the jungles of Sri Lanka, antiquities collector Phillip Strathmore has just arranged for the purchase of the crown jewels of his incredible menagerie: The […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: STITCHED #11 Preview

This Wednesday, Mike Wolfer brings you a tale of horror in the jungle, as the last known remaining Stitched are delivered to a collector – who is one of the few people on Earth who know what the Stitched are… and how they began! Here is a sneak peek of Stitched #11…

Avatar Plug of the Week: STITCHED #10

Mike Wolfer's action-packed story continues with today's Stitched #10! Before this arc is over, the curse of how the Stitched began will be revealed! An ancient terror which lay hidden in the wastes of the Afghanistan is about to find new life! Now in the hands of a Pakistani smuggler, a handful of supernaturally-reanimated Stitched are […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: Stitched #10 Sneak Preview

Have you been reading Mike Wolfer's recent Stitched arc? The horror that is Stitched isreleased into the world as a reclusive collector wants the Stitched for himself. But can this force be contained? Here is a sneak preview of Stitched #10, available in stores this Wednesday…

Garth Ennis And His Big Reveal

Alex Wilson reported from New York Comic Con There was small hush over the room as all eyes turned to the corridor between the two sections of seats. Then, a roar of applause as Garth Ennis himself walked into the panel. I was ecstatic. Garth Ennis is one of my favorite writers with titles such […]

Avatar Plug of the Week – STITCHED #9

Mike Wolfer's action-packed story arc continues with this week's Stitched #9! Before this arc ends, you will learn how the curse of the Stitched began! On a nondescript ship sailing for Sri Lanka, a dubious businessman will do anything to protect a most incredible and horrific cargo hidden below deck. But it is that cargo which […]

Avatar Plug of the Week – STITCHED #8 New Arc/Creative Team

Stitched #8 kicks off an all-new arc which will reveal how the curse of the Stitched began! Having read this issue and the next, I can tell you… Mike Wolfer delivers a story that keeps you riveted and guessing the way great action/suspense films do. The relentless curse of the Stitched extends its reach beyond […]

Getting Stitched – Garth Ennis Creation Collected

Garth Ennis (Preacher, Crossed, The Boys) is known for his over-the-top plots and in-your-face action. He has delivered an assembly of memorable characters, some whom should not be mentioned in polite company.  So, what story haunted Ennis so much so, he felt it was worthy of the big screen? Stitched is the first film written […]

"Kill, Kill, Kill!" Mike Wolfer Talks the New Direction of STITCHED

I always love to chat with writer/artist Mike Wolfer about the myriad projects he's attached to. Whether it's his work on the Boundless Comics beauties Lady Death and War Goddess, or his creepy horror on Avatar's Stitched and Night of the Living Dead, or his new project in development, Malison Plague, he's an interesting cat […]

First Look at Avatar Covers for November

Avatar Press reveals the issue covers to all its new releases slated to be on store shelves in November, and live for pre-orders from comic shop retailers as of Diamond's September Previews catalog.     Stitched Volume 1 Graphic Novel Written by Garth Ennis and Adapted by Mike Wolfer Artwork by Mike Wolfer Softcover Edition, […]

Avatar Plug of the Week – STITCHED #6

You know what you'll find in your local comic shop today? Terror… sheer, senses-shattering terror! Stitched #6 hits shelves today, bringing Garth Ennis' original vision of undead horror in the desert one step closer to its explosive climax. Originally written as a film treatment, Ennis released Stitched first as a 15-minute long film (documenting a […]

Avatar Plug of the Week – Stitched #5

This $#&% just got real. Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer proudly present Stitched #5, due in stores worldwide tomorrow. Continuing a terrifying tale first presented in a short film directed by Ennis himself, Stitched follows three American solders and a British SAS team, stuck in the ravines of Afghanistan and surrounded by the most hostile […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: Stitched #4 by Ennis & Wolfer

Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, War Goddess) continue to expand the world of Stitched with tomorrow's release of Stitched #4. The horror series, originally conceived by Ennis as a movie treatment, follows six soldiers through the Afghanistan desert as they evade small bands of undead war machines and the black magicians who are […]

Boundless Plug of the Week: Lady Death #14

Lady Death has come a long way in twenty years. Created by Brian Pulido in December of 1991, she's traversed the industry at a variety of different publishers, finally finding its home at Boundless Comics, the now-and-future home for All Things Bad Girl. With Pulido still at the helm, and partnered alongside veteran horror scribe […]