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Malmö, Sweden Drawing Comics
We've been contacted by Workshoppa.se about an upcoming comics event they are running in the New Year to get your new year off to a good start comic making wise, especially for aspiring comics artists. Taking place on Wednesday January 10th, 2018, they will be hosting a Comics Illustration Workshop, which naturally is much easier for[...]
Swipe File: He-Man Fan Art And The Swedish Blu-Ray
He posted to Facebook. He writes, So, from what I understand, I'd have to fly to Sweden and fight this with a Swedish lawyer or send them a letter from an IP lawyer I'll pursue the letter, but aside from that, I can't be flying to Sweden But from what I've been told, there is a case[...]
MCM Comic Con – Today, Sweden, Tomorrow The Wizard World?
MCM Comic Con is coming for you, wherever you live, it seems. The British Comic Con organiser, responsible for the MCM London Comic Con, and then spinning off around the country, went abroad this year, with shows in Ireland and Sweden And that's just the start. This year saw two MCM London Comic Cons, as well as MCM[...]
Swedish Supreme Court Exonerates Manga Translator Of Porn Charges
The Supreme Court in Sweden has ruled on the case of Simon Lundström , manga tranlsator, charged with possession of child pornography in the form of Japanese comic books Here is a Google translation of the verdict. The Supreme Court has today delivered its judgment in the case where the court of appeals and district court[...]
Fined $780 And Put On Sex Offenders Register For Owning Comics
Simon has stated that if the ruling is not overturned, he will leave Sweden to work in Japan. The court will announce its final verdict in weeks. Yesterday, Simon Lundström appeared at the Swedish High Court to begin the process of trying to overturn last year's ruling against him for possession of child pornography, for a[...]
The Swedish Rob Granito?
"Please Note: These oil paintings by Mike S. Mall are not the original artwork in any way. These pieces are the artists interpretation of the once
How To Survive Two Months At Thirty Below On Snow, Cigarettes And Comic Books
But then one sentence jumped out at me. Mr Skyllberg survived by taking handfuls of snow from the roof of the car. The only other things found with him were cigarettes and comic books. And because this is Sweden, you can just bet they were Duck comics as well. There we go folks Yet one other reason to keep[...]