HBO Europe Greenlights Its First Scandinavian Original Series

HBO Europe Greenlights Its First Scandinavian Original Series

HBO Europe just greenlit its first ever Scandinavian original series, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The series is called Gosta and focuses upon a child psychologist who believes in universal kindness, and he has to put his beliefs to a test in a small rural town which quickly forces him to challenge his beliefs.

The series comes courtesy of Swedish director Lukas Moodysoon, known for writing and directing Lilya 4-Ever, Together, and We Are the Best! The last of those is actually a musical. This is his first television series, and it's being produced by Memfis Film for HBO with TrustNordisk distributing it internationally.

No release date can be slated for the series yet, and it's not confirmed if it will ever go stateside. In fact, since this was just greenlit, no cast has been announced for the series yet. We'll keep you posted here at Bleeding Cool as more information comes across the wire.

Despite this being a momentous occasion for Scandinavia, it is unknown whether or not the Thunder God, Thor, will be involved in the series whatsoever. I suppose if it's storming in an episode, then we will know for sure.

Picture of Thor
If you're a doofus and you know it clap your hands!

You know, I was really hoping for an excuse to bring up André Øvredal's Troll Hunter. I mean, I know it's Norwegian and not Swedish, but we're still talking Scandinavia. Anyway, Troll Hunter is really good and everyone should watch it. I know that's, like, reducing Scandinavian culture to a monolithic thing, but Troll Hunter is still really good and you should watch it. Otto Jespersen is phenomenal, and the special effects are really good. 

Hey, at least I didn't bring up Geert Wilders or crazy racist Swedish YouTuber the Golden One.

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