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Yup, it was… "The Avenger." Well, just not one of those Avengers… Image: Screencaps Now here's a look back at Isaac's full opening monologue from this weekend's Saturday Night Live, where he comes across more like someone from "The Five-Timers Club" than a first-time host and offers a great message about loving all of us "weirdos" in[...]
Moonstone Brings The Avenger: Double Feature to Stores This September
A few years ago I had the privilege of writing a few short stories for Moonstone featuring the Green Hornet, the Phantom and the Avenger Being able to write adventures for these classic pulp icons is one of the great things about being in this industry I grew up reading the old tales and listening[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Masked Men And Pulp Heroes Comics Shipping August 2017
This includes the Gold Key heroes, the Green Hornet, The Avenger and Mighty Mouse. THE SOVEREIGNS #4 Cover A: Stephen Segovia Cover B: Johnny Desjardins Cover C: Denis Medri Cover D: Raúl Trevino Writer: Ray Fawkes (main), Aubrey Sitterson (Doc Spektor back-up) Art: Johnny Desjardins (main), Dylan Burnett (Doc Spektor back-up) Because you demanded it! Tragg and Lorn[...]
Ronilson Freire's Process Art for Justice Inc, The Avenger #2
We have some process art for Dynamite's Justice Inc, The Avenger #2 The art is by Ronilson Freire with colors by Marco Lesko The series is being written by Mark Waid and the second issue will hit stands on July 1st. Richard Benson confronts the Invisible Death – but not before more killers can invade the[...]
Exclusive First Look At The Spirit, The Shadow And More Shipping In September
These include Will Eisner's The Spirit, The Shadow, The Avenger and more. JUSTICE, INC.: THE AVENGER #4 Cover: Francesco Francavilla Writer: Mark Waid Art: Ronilson Freire With Justice, Inc in shambles, the Avenger must face the Invisible Death alone in the skies over the Eastern Seaboard–and be willing to sacrifice his life to save his country from an[...]
Michael Uslan Wraps Up His Writer's Commentary On Justice, Inc.
series starring The Avenger, The Shadow and Doc Savage. Book 4: Looking at this graphic novel as a three act structure like a screenplay, Book 4 becomes the second half of act two Giovanni and I knew that this was going to be a very action- oriented issue He had already shown me how creative he[...]
Writer's Commentary – Justice, Inc. Book Two And Three
that stars The Avenger, The Shadow and Doc Savage for Dynamite Entertainment. Book 2: Not only did I get to use Howard Hughes from my previous Dynamite graphic novel, but now I also get to use again good old J Edgar Hoover What fun! Growing up as a kid reading science fiction, a common question was what[...]
Writer's Commentary – Justice, Inc. Book One By Michael Uslan
I was fortunate to have been selected by Denny to write two of those, one of which was the first ever cross-over between the Shadow and the Avenger He asked me if I would be interested in returning to the Shadow after an absence of almost 40 years I couldn't resist! And so was born[...]
Marc Laming's Process Art For Justic Inc, The Avenger #1
We have the process art for the Marc Laming cover of Justice Inc, The Avenger #1 The new series for Dynamite Entertainment is being written by Mark Waid and drawn by Ronilson Freire The colors for the cover were done by Lara Magarida. Meet Richard Henry Benson–the Avenger! His pallid features forever deadened by a criminal[...]
Michael Uslan Talks Teaming Up The Shadow, The Avenger And Doc Savage
What led to a teaming of The Shadow, Doc Savage and, oddman out almost, The Avenger? MU: It's truly inconceivable to me that in the 75 year history of Street and Smith/Condé Nast, that no one ever thought to team up their trinity of super-heroes Way back in the 1970's, I was privileged to write the[...]
Exclusive Look At The Spirit, Project Superpowers: Blackcross And More Shipping In August
They include the second issue of Will Eisner's The Spirit and the final issue of Warren Ellis' take on Project Superpowers: Blackcross. Justice, Inc.: The Avenger #3 Cover: Francesco Francavilla Writer: Mark Waid Art: Ronilson Freire The secret of the Invisible Death is revealed–but not before it claims one of Benson's own teammates in a tragedy that will[...]
Barry Kitson Covers Justice Inc, The Avenger #1
Barry Kitson, Mark Waid's creative partner on Empire, has done up a retailer incentive cover for Waid's new title for Dynamite, Justice Inc.: The Avenger based on the classic pulp hero Two versions of Kitson's cover is available to be order at the Final Order Cutoff… a black and white version and a version with[...]
Ellis, Wagner, Waid And Bunn Lead An Early Look At Dynamite's Pulp Titles Shipping In June
Here we get a look at some of their books from the classic pulp fiction days: Justice Inc.: The Avenger, The Shadow, Masks 2 and Project Superpowers: Blackcross. JUSTICE INC.: THE AVENGER #1 Covers: Alex Ross, Walter Simonson, Francesco Francavilla and Marc Laming Writer: Mark Waid Art: Ronilson Freire Meet Richard Henry Benson–the Avenger! His pallid features forever[...]
New Justice Inc Series To Launch Written By Mark Waid
Waid will be joined by artist Ronilson Freire on Justice Inc: The Avenger starting in June. The Avenger originally debuted in September 1939 as the lead character in The Avenger magazine, published by Street and Smith Publications Writer Paul Ernst is credited with creating many of the earliest Avenger tales (published under the house writer pseudonym "Kenneth[...]
Michael Uslan Talks About The Avenger, The Shadow And Doc Savage
Michael Uslan is the producer on the Batman films as well as a fan of the old pulp heroes like The Avenger, The Shadow and Doc Savage So he jumped at the chance to write a comic starring all three for Dynamite Byron Brewer chatted with him about the Justice, Inc series. BYRON BREWER: The Shadow,[...]
Pulp Fiction – Talking Justice Inc With Michael Uslan
The Shadow, The Phantom, The Avenger, Doc Savage… I would search every used bookstore in the area when I was a kid and buy everyone that my allowance would allow There was something about the stories that clicked with me in the same way comics had I was lucky enough to write a few prose[...]
Michael Uslan Talks The Avenger, The Shadow And Doc Savage – Justice, Inc.
The Avenger is one such hero, but now Dynamite has brought the character back in his own series, Justice Inc Roger Ash of Westfield Comics chatted with series writer Michael Uslan about the new series. ROGER ASH: How did you become involved with Justice, Inc.? MICHAEL USLAN: Some years back, I was working on a way to bring[...]
Justice Inc Pulls Together The Shadow, Doc Savage And The Avenger
For fans of the old pulp novels, the title Justice Inc is very familiar… Its the company run by The Avenger No, not the Marvel Comics super team and it has nothing to do with John Steed and Emma Peel The character was kind of a cross between Doc Savage and The Shadow He is[...]