The Beast

Funko Collage 440

Funko Round-Up: Stranger Things, Vince Gilligan, Harry Potter, and More!

Two of the personalities are here, with Hedwig and the Beast getting the spotlight Look for more from this series before Glass hits theaters in early 2019 These are available this month.Vince Giiligan, creator of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and one of the creative team behind The X-Files joins the Directors Funko Pop[...]

Funko The Sandlot Pops 7

Let's Take a Look at The Sandlot Funko Pops!

My other favorite is the Beast He just looks so adorable with the little baseball in his mouth.Sadly, there are a couple issues Benny does not stand -- not even a little No matter how you turn the head, no matter what he falls over Smalls is almost the same He stands a little better[...]

Ultimate Beastmaster: WWE Alum C.M. Punk Co-Hosting Season 3

Dave Broome, Sylvester Stallone, Yong Yam and Kevin King Templeton serve as executive producers; with 25/7 Productions and Broome producing for Netflix.Here's a look at the first two seasons of Ultimate Beastmaster; and then a look at some of the changes for Season 3: In Ultimate Beastmaster, each episode features twelve contestants (2 from each country)[...]

Magicians fanimation

Watch The Magicians – Fanimation: Party Tricks Chapter 4

They come out of the room here in chapter three to find Julia has been replaced by Alice Quinn (Olivia Taylor Dudley) and that the Beast has attacked and killed everyone in the room — except time has stopped and no one has actually died yet.In the new chapter Eliot tries the door, but it's[...]

Getting The Mesure Of The Beast – Behind The Scenes Of The Magicians

The video below focuses on the second episode and giving us some background on characters like Martin Chatwin / The Beast He was a shadow figure of doom through almost all of the first season and suspected of being someone else even.. but when he is revealed and the twisted nature of his back story..[...]

Singing Beasts And Fairy Games – The Magicians Tap Old Talents

They convince her to give them the spell.Julia on the other hand is dealing with The Beast who turns out loves to sing show tunes For an evil psychopath, he has a wonderful voice He decides to bring in Marina to help trap the trickster god, but Marina wants nothing to do with it[...]