Titan Announces Doctor Who SDCC Exclusives And Debuts – 3 New TITANS, The Geronimo Collection, And The 12th Doctor Costume


Merch-Logo2-120x120Here is the biggest announcement following on previous weeks of big announcements, and one that we've all been waiting for in the lead up to SDCC this year–just what Doctor Who items Titan Merchandise will be rolling out as exclusives and debuts, and it's a massive line up. From a 9" vinyl figure, to 6" figure, a 3" exclusive, a new collection of 3" blindboxes, and a new T-shirt "costume", they've really outdone themselves for collectors this time.

First up, we have a Doctor Who TITANS 9" version of "The Beast":DWV-BST8-001

All I can say about that is "My God". It wouldn't have occurred to me to produce "The Beast" from the Tenth Doctor's exploration of "The Satan Pit" as a TITAN, but it should have. This may be one of the coolest TITANS yet, and certainly the most terrifying.

Then we have the Eleventh Doctor in the Tenth Doctor's Suit in 3" format. What an excellent choice for SDCC this year:


And there's still lots more. We also have a 6.5" War Doctor. You read that right. It's like Titan can read our minds about what we'd most like to have in our collections:

DWV-WAR6-001And then…as if this isn't enough to do your head in, there's an entire "Geronimo Collection" in 3" blindbox coming to SDCC in debut:

DWV-BOX-004 Geronimo copy

This features the Eleventh Doctor, his companions, and several of his most memorable foes. The "Whisperman" is just chilling, and "Wooden Cyberman"? I really do give Titan props for creativity in their choices–this makes for a very satisfying and wide-ranging selection.

And they haven't left us hanging when it comes to accoutrement (how sweet). It's the Twelfth Doctor Costume T-shirt, which is incredibly svelt and dapper:


Now comes the waiting for SDCC and planning just how quickly you can get to Titan's booth (#5537) once the show opens. I'll see you there at the front of the line…

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