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The Falconeer Officially Launches Free VR Update
Wired Productions have released a brand new update for The Falconeer this morning as you can now experience the game in VR Specifically released for PC via Steam, this version of the game will take the incredible story you've already been experiencing and bring it to life in a greater way with your VR headset[...]
The Falconeer Receives Limited Edition Double Vinyl
Wired Productions has teamed up with Limited Run Games to release a limited edition double vinyl soundtrack for The Falconeer This is a masterful work from the company as they have brought out the best in the sound and design from the game into a cool collectible item that's well worth your time to listen[...]
The Falconeer Heads To Nintendo Switch & Playstation In August
Wired Productions revealed today that they will be releasing The Falconeer: Warrior Edition for consoles this August As you might suspect, this edition of the game will come with everything that's been released for the game so far Including all the DLC, updates, and some bonus content on the side that makes this a complete[...]
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'Tis the season, and we have a late-night gift for you as we have five free codes for you to snag for The Falconeer on Xbox Wired Productions has given us five codes to give away for the game to be used on Xbox consoles These codes work for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S,[...]
The Falconeer Unleashed A New Update With The Kraken
Wired Productions released a new update this week into The Falconeer as players will now have to contend with The Kraken If the name didn't give it away, you'll be adventuring above the seas as you'll have to contend with a new threat from under the water A menacing beast awaits you in this latest[...]
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Are you curious how The Falconeer might look when it comes to the next generation of consoles? Wonder no longer Wired productions took the liberty of making a brand new trailer for the game this week, only this one shows off how the game will appear and run on the Xbox Series X/S You can[...]
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Wired Productions has a brand new trailer for The Falconeer today showing off more of the game's story ahead of release In the latest trailer, which you can see below, we see the Seachantress (voiced by Tegan Hitchens) as the player's main guide throughout what is the beautiful and immersive world of the Ursee[...]
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Wired Productions decided to drop into XO19 in London this week to announce that The Falconeer would be headed to the Xbox One in 2020 The game had already been announced for PC earlier this year, but now it can add Microsoft's console to the list The game will have its world debut at the[...]
The Falconeer
Wired productions sent out a 2020 game announcement this week for The Falconeer, developed by Tomas Sala, along with a trailer showing it off This game will be an ocean-world fantasy aerial combat RPG that uses a lot of the elements to help tell the story No to mention using dogfighting mechanics along with open-world[...]