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Hal Jordan: Hero Murderer Tomorrows The Green Lantern #6

Hal Jordan: Hero Murderer?! Tomorrow's The Green Lantern #6

In tomorrow's issue of The Green Lantern, we find Hal Jordan in the final stage of his initiation to the Blackstars But this initiation is more than just a little friendly hazing To prove his loyalty, Jordan will have to murder his colleague, Adam Strange! But we all know that Hal Jordan would never do[...]

Will Grant Morrison Make Green Lanterns Power Ring the Soul Gem

Will Grant Morrison Make Green Lantern's Power Ring the Soul Gem?

Could we be about to experience the first Marvel/DC inter-company crossover in over a decade? That may be the case, according to the solicitation for May's The Green Lantern #7 When one thinks about an entire universe existing inside of a well-known piece of comic book jewelry, one thinks of The Soul Gem--one of the[...]

Terry Crews Zac Efron Get BossLogic Reimaginings as Jaxx and Green Lantern

Terry Crews, Zac Efron Get BossLogic Reimaginings as Jaxx and Green Lantern

We LOVE it when BossLogic does his magic with reimagining folks in roles across film, tv, comics, and video games.  This new batch of three images cross that gauntlet; Terry Crews as Jaxx from Mortal Kombat, Zac Efron as The Green Lantern, and a highly stylized Day Of The Dead Jon Bernthal as Marvel's The Punisher.Perfect.You can[...]

Liam Sharp Reveals the Secrets Behind Grant Morrisons Green Lantern Scripts

Liam Sharp Reveals the Secrets Behind Grant Morrison's Green Lantern Scripts

In November, superstar writer and wizard Grant Morrison teams up with superstar artist and digital comics mogul Liam Sharp to launch a new Green Lantern comic, or The Green Lantern comic, if we're going strictly by the title In an interview on DC Comics' website, Sharp revealed the secrets of Grant Morrison's Green Lantern Scripts.Below,[...]