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Watch Alan Moore Talk About The 'Gesternheutemorgenwelt' From The Illuminatus Trilogy
To support the campaign and celebrate the work of Wilson, including The Illuminatus Trilogy, Moore has contributed a 50 minute interview about Wilson as a DVD reward for backers. Recently, the Cosmic Trigger campaign released a short video excerpt for viewing of Moore discussing "Gesternheutemorgenwelt" from the Trilogy You can watch that here: But the folks at[...]
In Play Cosmic Trigger, Alan Moore Will Be The Voice Of An A.I. Supercomputer
John Higgs, the author of The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band Who Burned A Million Pounds, a book which includes a chapter about Alan Moore, recently visited Moore in Northampton, and in the meantime secured Moore's agreement to read the lines for FUCKUP, an "artificially intelligent supercomputer which predicts Armageddon by use of the[...]