Watch Alan Moore Talk About The 'Gesternheutemorgenwelt' From The Illuminatus Trilogy


As we've mentioned before here on Bleeding Cool, the play Cosmic Trigger is currently funding as part of the wider plan to host a Robert Anton Wilson "Conferestival", and tickets to the festival include a performance of the play, where Alan Moore voices the supercomputer FUCKUP, a role previously held by Sir John Gielgud in the play Illuminatus! by Ken Campbell in 1976. Cosmic Trigger is a play written by Ken Campbell's daughter Dairy Eris Campbell that creates a meta narrative around that legendary performance and Wilson's work. To support the campaign and celebrate the work of Wilson, including The Illuminatus Trilogy, Moore has contributed a 50 minute interview about Wilson as a DVD reward for backers.

Recently, the Cosmic Trigger campaign released a short video excerpt for viewing of Moore discussing "Gesternheutemorgenwelt" from the Trilogy. You can watch that here:

But the folks at Cosmic Trigger also passed along a little insider information not previously announced, that there's going to be a recording of Alan Moore's "Ode to Wilson" on the DVD, and an explanation of how he came to write and perform it. The only other known recording of Moore performing this piece hails from 2007 as a live event, and the "Ode" has been newly recorded with underscoring by Steve Fly for the DVD specially.

Here's the 2007 recording to give you an idea of what the "Ode" is like:

There are still a few days left to support Cosmic Trigger and dig into those rewards, including the Alan Moore DVD interview at 28 pounds and up. And to help along the plans for the celebratory Wilson "Conferestival" too, of course.

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