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“Star Trek”: William Shatner Says He’s Retired from Captain Kirk

"Star Trek": William Shatner Says He's Retired from Captain Kirk

He last played the character in canon in  The Original Series and The Next Generation feature Star Trek: Generations (1994) co-starring Picard’s Patrick Stewart Kirk died in the climactic scene Outside of novels, games, and documentaries, Shatner has not appeared in any new live-action Star Trek canon since. “I think Kirk’s story is pretty well played[...]

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"Star Trek" Characters Who Should "Boldly Go" to Their Own Spinoff Series

Michael Dorn played the character through The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, all four TNG films, and even his ancestor who shared the same name in The Original Series film, The Undiscovered Country.At the conclusion of Deep Space Nine, High Chancellor Martok requested Worf be appointed Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire - while[...]

“Star Trek: The Motion Picture” Returns to Theaters for 40th Anniversary

"Star Trek": How CBS's Viacom Merger Helps Franchise Live Long & Prosper [OPINION]

One of the most immediate beneficiaries of the expected-to-be-finalized merger between CBS and Viacom is clearly the Star Trek universe. Prior to the deal, CBS had control of the Prime universe (where every TV series and the first nine films take place) and Paramount (via Viacom) controlled the rights of the Kelvin universe films from […]