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Put An Original Grant Morrison Doom Patrol Page On Your Wall For $50?
Currently listed at $52. Howard Chaykin The Shadow #2 Story Page 3 Original Art (DC, 1986) Lamont Cranston is joined by his sons as he retells his origin as The Shadow to Harry Vincent and his daughter Mavis From the miniseries by Howard Chaykin to revamp the character into a modern, more graphic setting Rendered at twice-up scale[...]
Shadow/Batman #4
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] It's not often that a comic book offers up what seems like true, impossible hopelessness — at least, not at the scale that The Shadow/Batman #4 brings to the table Continuing the reveal of the Silent Seven's reach, #4 is bathed in frustration and stress in a totally fantastic way Writer Steve Orlando doesn't[...]
The Shadow Vol. 3 #4
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Issue #4 of The Shadow Vol 3 finds our mysterious burn victim back on the streets, bedecked in the iconic red and black of The Shadow It looks as if we've finally got confirmation on his identity — not just with costuming, but classic black speech bubbles as well Maria is certainly convinced; though[...]
Shadow Vol. 3 #4
Dynamite has sent us a writer's commentary from Dan Watters on The Shadow #4 that he co-wrote with Si Spurrier Cover by Lee Weeks with interiors by Ricardo Jaime. Page 1: This issue we're joined by Ricardo Jaime on art Daniel will be back next issue, but it's immediately evident that we're in very good hands[...]
The Shadow Batman #2 Review: Whiskey And Warfare
Bruce's frustration only adds to the tension as he struggles to call upon his allies and save his son from certain death. The arrival of the Shadow comes at just the right time, finally uniting our trio in an incredibly satisfying interaction Cranston feels very much like the jaded uncle in the group, bouncing between chastising[...]
Writer's Commentary: Dan Watters Talks The Shadow #3
Dynamite Entertainment has sent us a writer's commentary by Dan Watters on The Shadow #3 that he co-wrote with Si Spurrier Covers by Tyler Kirkham and Michael Kaluta with interiors by Daniel HDR. PAGES 1-3: Some familiar faces here, though we've not named them, and they may be somewhat more creased and weathered than they were[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Ash Vs Army Of Darkness #4 And The Shadow #3
Dynamite Entertainment has four books coming out this week including the final issue of Pierce Brown's Red Rising: Sons of Ares and Turok #3 plus two that we have exclusive extended previews for, The Shadow vol 3 #3 and Ash vs Army of Darkness #4. Pierce Brown's Red Rising: Sons of Ares #6 Writers: Pierce Brown, Rik Hoskin |[...]
Kevin Nowlan Shares His Process Art For The Shadow/Batman #4 Cover
When Dynamite announced they were doing The Shadow/Batman six-part series and it would be written by Steve Orlando and drawn by Giovanni Timpano, I was interested When I found out that one of the covers for issue #4 was going to be by Kevin Nowlan, I was sold Nowlan has always been one of my[...]
The Shadow/Batman
Dynamite has sent over a writer's commentary for the first issue of The Shadow/Batman written by Steve Orlando The issue has a variety of covers to choose from, but we've got the David Finch one here along with some interior pages from Giovanni Timpano. PAGE 1: New Year's Eve in New York This is actually an allusion[...]
Shadow batman
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Batman and the Shadow are back with another fabulous team-up, this time with Steve Orlando in complete control of the script. A semi-sequel to the run we had earlier this year, in this six issue run we see the Dark Knight start on unequal footing Out of Gotham — and seemingly out of luck when[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Graphic Novels And Trades Shipping December 2017
This batch is their graphic novels and trades which includes Grumpy Cat/Garfield, Bob's Burgers, Pathfinder, Kiss, Justice Inc, The Shadow, and Warlords of Mars, plus the hardcover collection of photos by Johnny Wu in 10 Frames Per Second, An Articulated Adventure featuring his work with action figures. 10 FRAMES PER SECOND, AN ARTICULATED ADVENTURE Hardcover Cover: Johnny[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Hall Of Heroes Comics Shipping December 2017
We'll be showing them off over the next couple of days with this first batch being what they call their Hall of Heroes, which includes James Bond, John Wick, The Shadow, Batman, and Turok Writers for this batch of books include Andy Diggle, Greg Pak, Steve Orlando, Si Spurrier, and Chuck Wendig. JAMES BOND: KILL CHAIN[...]
The Shadow
This one features Dan Watters talking about The Shadow #2 that he's co-writing with Si Spurrier. Cover by Tyler Kirkham and interiors by Daniel HDR. PAGE 1: As Si mentioned in the commentary for issue 1, I actually came on board with this issue, so this page was the first I ever wrote for the title So I[...]
The Shadow
One of their scriptwriters, Harry Engman Charlot, felt the serial needed a mysterious narrator to tie the stories together and suggested a variety of names until he hit upon… The Shadow The results weren't what the publisher expected Sales of Detective Story Magazine didn't go up, but newsdealers were inundated with requests for the Shadow[...]