Batman The Shadow #2 Review – Batman Still Looks Like A Dope

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Batman The Shadow #2 - DC Comics / Dynamite

Now that Batman has The Shadow cornered in the French Alps, he's going to deliver some hard hitting Bat justice to Shadow over the death of Lamont Cranston, whom Batman is sure died at the hands of The Shadow. Shadow insists it wasn't him, and thus our story in Batman The Shadow #2 continues. Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando are a good writing team. Orlando seems to take this wheel in this episode, allowing to explore the Shadow in this DC universe, where anti-heroes aren't the norm. The Shadow is also more reckless than Batman. Batman is usually a level headed detective, while The Shadow is hell-bent on revenge. The opposites play off of each other nicely, and it's become clearer to Batman that maybe The Shadow isn't really the culprit in this case.


The art is strong in this issue. Riley Rossmo is a detail-oriented artist, and it's clear he's having fun with these two similar characters. Colorist Ivan Plascencia is stealing the show though. He did an amazing job in issue 1, and his quality is still strong in this issue. And while this may be a spoiler (forgive me), his inks for the Joker on the last page are beautiful. He gives the joker a pastel, happy look, which contrasts well against the jokers menacing grin. I'm excited to see where The Joker fits in to all of this.

If you haven't picked up this series yet, I would, check it out at your local, or here on amazon/kindle. Or wait for the graphic novel, no harm in that!

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