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George Takei Boards Season 2 of AMC's 'The Terror'
AMC's anthology series from Sir Ridley Scott The Terror is starting to build their second season, which will reportedly have a very different setting than the first season's Arctic shipwrecks. George TakeiPhoto by Kathy Hutchins / According to the usual suspects, George Takei is joining the series for the second season, which will center on the Japanese-American community during World[...]
AMC Scares up a Season 2 for Sir Ridley Scott's 'The Terror'
AMC's The Terror is getting a second season of 10 episodes, expected to hit sometime in 2019.  Also, there's going to be a time shift. The first season was inspired by the true story of the Royal Navy's 1847 hunt to find the Northwest Passage, which resulted in the stranding by ice of a ship The men[...]
amc The Terror banner
When it was announced that Sir Ridley Scott was making The Terror series for AMC, I was definitely intrigued Sure, he's had some missteps in recent years (Exodus, anyone?), but the 80-years-young director continues to keep a breakneck pace of projects with a pretty good semblance of why Ridley remains an iconic filmmaker. The Terror show is based on the[...]
Tobias Menzies Takes Over Prince Philip From Matt Smith for 'The Crown' S3
After some earlier reports that Paul Bettany would be taking over Prince Philip on Netflix's The Crown for season 3, it looks like it'll actually be Tobias Menzies. Tobias Menzies during the 2017 Outlander panel at SDCCPhoto by Bill Watters The award winning drama series is recasting their main core of actors in order to age them appropriately, mostly because the[...]
Peter Serafinowicz and Griffin Newman in The Tick (2017). Image Credit: Amazon.
Case in point: The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz), who spent the first half of The Tick's Season 1 on Amazon trying to convince everyone that super-villain The Terror (Jackie Earle Haley) was actually still alive On a positive note? He was right for once On a negative note? He was right for once Yup — The Terror[...]
The Terror: AMC Releases Teaser, New Images for Ridley Scott Series
Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC AMC is taking to the high seas for their next tale of terror, confirming a release date for Ridley Scott's thriller series The Terror, while also releasing a teaser trailer and first-look images Based on Dan Simmons's novel and executive produced by Scott, David Kajganich, and Soo Hugh, the two-hour season premiere of the[...]
The Castle of Horror Podcast Presents: The Terror, Starring Jack Nicholson and Boris Karloff
By Jason Henderson, Drew Edwards, Tony Salvaggio, and Julia Guzman [audio:] Bleeding Cool welcomes back The Castle of Horror Podcast tonight, a weekly internet radio show where professional writers in the comics, games and book industries take a look at horror movies, choosing one movie a week to discuss in depth. They say: We're back! This week we continue[...]