The Wicked + The Divine #29 Review: Darkness In The Aftermath

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The Wicked + The Divine #29 marks the series return and start of what series creators Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matthew Wilson refer to as Imperial Phase II. Gillen has repeated used the metaphor of a double album, with this second part being that second album that vastly accelerates the story.

the wicked + the divine
Cover by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson

You should probably be aware that there may be some spoilers in this review.

The Wicked + The Divine #29 Review: Darkness In The Aftermath

The last issue of The Wicked + The Divine obviously ended with the shit hitting the fan as Sakhmet gets pissed off an slaughters a bunch of normal people at an orgy.

This issue picks up from that and deals with the aftermath.

Art by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson

What is really fun about the way the creative team handled this is the focus on the darker Underground gods, but also the gods who voted for anarchy rather than fighting or researching the mysterious adversary of the gods.

In particular, our focus is Persephone, who has chosen anarchy in a fatalistic lack of care for anything. We get a sense of how this nihilism and excess has caused her to miss the most obvious of things, and while Sakhmet is arguably far passed traditional human concerns, it may be arguable that this lack of care for her is partly responsible for what exacerbated the situation to where it went.

Art by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson

The Imperial Phase has very much been about the gods going to excesses that cause they're own breakdowns. Persephone's in particular is an epic fall. We've gone from her as Laura Wilson who cared about everything, to her seeing her life completely changed and destroyed by Ananke and know she is determined to make everyone think she doesn't care, even herself.

As a result, this anarchy and nihilism, well, there's only one place it can really go, and that's chaos.

In this issue, we see things really start to fall about. The shit hit the fan, and now the characters have to deal with the mess. And that is just going to get messier.

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