Tiffany Smith

Suicide Squad Takes Over Six Flags Fright Fest

This years Six Flag's Fright Fest has been taken over by the Suicide Squad. DC All-Access sent their hostess Tiffany Smith out to become part of the event for a night. She was cast as one of Harley Quinn's clowns and went through an hour of make-up and prosthetics then let loose upon the park […]

J.M. DeMatteis On All-Female Justice League And Why Camelot

Writer J.M. DeMatteis talked with Tiffany Smith of DC All-Access about the new Justice League 3001 and whether it was always his idea to do an all-female team. Also why they're based in Camelot and he admits that his main goal was to come up with an ending that makes sense. And according to DeMatteis, […]

Franz Drameh Checks Out The Firestorm Mural In Miami

If you watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow then you've probably saw the commercial with Franz Drameh joining Tiffany Smith on a trip to go see a new Firestorm mural in Miami. But the commercial didn't show the actual mural by Jose Mertz. So below we have the extended video showing the mural and a hint […]

Dan DiDio And Jim Lee On What Makes A DC Essential

Are you a fan of the DC Essentials line? Recently DC Entertainment Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio did a fan Q&A at the Burbank Library moderated by Tiffany Smith and talked about what to them makes a story an essential. In this DC All-Access clip, they talk about the comic books that inspired them, how storylines […]

Tiffany Smith Sings Every Playable Character In Lego Batman 3

Tiffany Smith, the co-host of DC All-Access, has done something unique. In the style of the Animaniacs, she has sung the name of all 217 playable characters in the Lego Batman 3 video game. That includes all the variations on Batman and Superman and special guests Kevin Smith and Jim Lee. [youtube][/youtube]

Dan Didio Talks In-Depth About The New Titles From DC Comics

DC's co-publisher Dan Didio talks with DC All-Access' Tiffany Smith about the 25 returning title and 24 new titles that the publishers has coming out this month. He goes into why they have gone with so many new and diverse books, which surprises him, which seems to be causing the most buzz and just what […]

iZombie's Rob Thomas Explains The Difference Between The Series And The Comic

iZombie executive producer and showrunner Rob Thomas (creator of Veronica Mars) chatted with DC All-Access' Tiffany Smith about his adaptation of the Vertigo comic series by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred. In the interview Thomas explains how things are different between the two versions and why. Seems he prefers his zombies to originate from faux-science rather than […]

DC All-Access Looks At This Week In DC TV

DC All-Access has released a video focusing on the DC slate of TV shows for the week: Gotham, The Flash, Arrow and Constantine and includes exclusive clips from Gotham and Constantine. Host Tiffany Smith talks with Rotten Tomatoes' EIC Matt Atchity about the series and who will be their first Bad Apple of the Week. [youtube][/youtube]