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Vincent Cassel Heads to 'Westworld' For Season 3 as Possible Villain!

Vincent Cassel Heads to 'Westworld' For Season 3 as Possible Villain!

Sounds like the Delos Company is gearing up for another new face 'round Westworld for season 3 of the hit HBO series.According to Deadline, Vincent Cassel will be joining the killer f**king robot drama when the series returns.[caption id="attachment_1026415" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Vincent CasselPhoto by Denis Makarenko /[/caption]Co-creators (and serious couples goals) Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan[...]

Yes, Doctor Doom Looks Like Vincent Cassel Now

In the Secret Wars, the Lord God Doom was omnipotent – but unable to fix his face. In the remade world by Molecule Man and Mister Fantastic, he was back to being normal Doom… but they had fixed his face. As a kind of thank you. But when Mike Deodato draws Victor Von Doom, he […]

Vincent Cassel To Hunt Bourne In New Sequel

Vincent Cassel, of Black Swan and A Dangerous Method, will play the new antagonist in the as-yet unnamed Bourne sequel, according to Variety Cassel joins a long list of Bourne enemies -- including Brian Cox, Chris Cooper, Clive Owen and others -- attempting to halt the spy's search for answers.The Bourne sequel sees the return of[...]

New Footage Of Christophe Gans' La Belle Et La Bête In Making-Of Featurette

Unfortunately, this is all in French, and I barely understood any of it, proving those 3 years of French classes in high school were time well spent, but isn't Christophe Gans' new French language Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bête) all about the stunning visuals anyway? We get a really good look[...]

First Poster For La Belle Et La Bête, Starring Vincent Cassel And Léa Seydoux

This new film version of the traditional fairy tale story of Beauty and the Beast comes from director Christopher Gans, who previously directed Silent Hill and Brotherhood of the Wolf.That latter film featured the French movie star Vincent Cassel and the pair are reuniting for this new film, and they're bringing along Blue is the[...]

Casting Roundup: Naomi Watts, Willem Dafoe, Jennifer Lopez And Many, Many More

[Deadline]• Thriller Momentum has cast a quartet of actors: Olga Kurylenko, Vincent Cassel, Morgan Freeman and Shea Whigham Stephen Campanelli, Clint Eastwood's longtime camera operator, will make his directorial debut Kurylenko will play a thief who has both the police and Cassel's rival gang after her [Variety]• Northmen - A Viking Saga, about, you guessed[...]

Vincent Cassel Replacing Philip Seymour Hoffman In Child 44

Russian spy thriller Child 44 is losing Philip Seymour Hoffman but gaining Vincent Cassel, according to Deadline.Daniel Espinosa has been directing the film based on the Tom Rob Smith novel since June, with Tom Hardy playing Leo Stepanovich Demidov, a disgraced Soviet spy who investigates a series of grisly child murders Noomi Rapace plays his[...]

The Monk, His Madness, The Silent Film Effect And Influence Of Hitchcock

This almost "greek tragedy" aspect of the story was what I was really attracted to.On The CastI cast Vincent Cassel and Deborah Francois separately, but had to hope that they would work together well We did readings before the shoot and then I got the impression that they worked together well It's against type for[...]