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Jodie Whittaker's Doctor from Doctor Who Series 12, courtesy of BBC.
Though Doctor Who fans have had the satisfaction of knowing that the late 2020/early 2021 holiday special "Revolution of the Daleks" was filmed and in the can, Rhodri Talfan Davies, Director of BBC Wales, isn't sounding too optimistic about any new Who coming any time soon after that Television productions across the pop culture landscape[...]
If you told me then that Chris Chibnall would become the showrunner of Doctor Who, I would have vomited everything I ate that day. There's the episode where Jack gives up a kid to save the world to show that they don't always win. There's the episode where they remake The Hills Have Eyes in Wales[...]
Cardiff Comic Store Owner At Risk Of Homelessness Due To City Regeneration
Much like a certain Time Lord whose adventures are regularly filmed in and around the capitol city of Wales in the UK, Cardiff itself is going through a bit of a regeneration Mainly focused around the Central Station region, the development aims to create a new central city square, one that for many travelling to[...]
When Doctor Who Films At Your Workplace And A Sontaran Takes Time Out
When you live and work in Cardiff, Wales, you get used to film crews Still, when a Sontaran takes time out for a sitdown, it's time to pull out the smartphone. Simon Clements works at Blue Bot Design, where he took the following shots, #DoctorWho is being filmed at my work today!! Seen an alien #Sontaran but[...]
Doctor Who Christmas Trailer – The Snowmen
Second" "Oh yes, cos you were in the Dalek one weren't you?" "Yep" "Playing a different character." "Yep, totally different character" "You died" "Yep" "Got turned into a Dalek "Ouch" "So you couldn't be the sme charcetr at Christmas, that would be impossible." "No way." "Roll the trailer" And while we're at it, here's a BBC Wales promo piece, featuring lots of our favourites. [youtube][/youtube] [...]