Lycan Nightmare Come to Life With Dream Figures Statue

Lycan Nightmare Come to Life With Dream Figures Statue

Monsters don't really get their time to shine as often as they use to. Lycans, Vampires, Mummy's, and so many more monsters out there have fueled the ideas of what horror films are now. Dream Figures is bringing that horror back to the monsters with their newest terrifying statue. This Lycan statue showcases the beast […]

Stan Lee's Werewolf Movie That Joe Johnston Has Agreed To Direct

I remember once hearing Stan Lee talk about the ridiculous idea that someone had optioned Marvel's Werewolf By Night as a movie - when they could have just done a werewolf movie, used a different title and saved themselves the money.I didn't know he'd actually try and take that advice himself.In the Sony leaked e-mails of[...]

Avatar Plug of the Week: Ferals #2

And speaking of humping, let's check in on the fearsome canine villains of this next Avatar Plug and see whose leg they're a'humpin'.(A very forced pun, I know, but I just couldn't use the phrase "hump day" and leave it dangling there unused.)As previously mentioned on BleedingCool.com, Ferals is a twenty-first century reimagining of the[...]