Werewolf Film Bloodthirsty Coming In April Form Brainstorm Media

Werewolf body horror film Bloodthirsty has been acquired by Brainstorm Media, who will release the film on April 23rd, 2021, in select theaters and VOD. The film, which had a prime spot at last year's Fantastic Fest during the closing night, stars Lauren Beatty (BLEED WITH ME) and Greg Bryk (The Handmaid's Tale) with Katharine King So in her feature film debut and veteran actor Michael Ironside. It is directed by Amelia Moses (BLEED WITH ME), conceived and written by mother-daughter duo Wendy Hill-Tout and singer-songwriter Lowell, and featuring the original music of Lowell.

Bloodthirsty Synopsis

"In BLOODTHIRSTY, vegan singer-songwriter Grey (Lauren Beatty) goes to work on her second album with notorious music producer Vaughn Daniels (Greg Bryk). But as the album progresses, she starts to transform into a powerful beast with a thirst for blood, meat, and the hunt." Brainstorm seems excited about this one: "We can't wait to share this fantastically twisted werewolf horror film with audiences nationwide," says Michelle Shwarzstein, Brainstorm Media's Vice President of Marketing and Acquisitions. "Led by an amazingly talented female filmmaking team, this movie will not fail to surprise and delight."
I didn't have this on my radar before getting the press for it today, but I am glad I do now. Anything involving werewolves and lycanthropy is right up my alley, and we don't get a ton of love very often. So, Bloodthirsty will be one I am looking out for. I like the vegan angle; that will be interesting, and hopefully, there are some cool transformation scenes and make-up. Hopefully, a trailer debuts soon; I would like to see a clearer picture of what we can expect from the werewolf scenes. For now, we will find out together when Bloodthirsty drops on April 23rd.

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