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Wytchwood Will Be Released For PC On December 9th
Whitethorn Digital and WhisperGames, along with developer Alientrap, announced that their new game Wytchwood is coming on December 9th If you're not entirely familiar with this game, the team has put together a cute and artsy crafting adventure game set in a land where gothic fables and fairytales are real and live in the same[...]
Assemble Entertainment Announces Squadron 51 Coming In 2021
Assemble Entertainment along with Chinese publisher WhisperGames announced Squadron 51 will be released sometime in 2021 Developed by Loomiarts, the game plays like an old-school side-scrolling shooter where you are a pilot in a squadron of fighters trying to save Earth after it has been conquered by a martian force. Squadron 51 will launch on Nintendo[...]
WhisperGames Announces October Night Games For Late October
The folks over at October Night Games announced with WhisperGames that they are releasing a new game of the same name In a weird kind of development where they share the name of the game with their studio to make things a tad confusing, the Berlin-based indie developer has meshed several genres into a digital[...]
Shing! Will Be Released On Steam On August 28th
Mass Creation and WhisperGames revealed this week that their upcoming game Shing! will be released on August 28th The game has been an interesting one to wait for as its an action-adventure title with a bit of platforming, a bit of hack-n-slash, and a bit of beat 'em up all put in a 3D world[...]