Dieselfunk Dispatch: Black Heroes Matter Founder Uraeus Speaks
We have the honor and privilege of interviewing Uraeus, creator of the movement known as Black Heroes Matter and co-founder of The Black Heroes Flash Mob and the recent Wicomicon. DD: How are you doing today, sir?

U: Motivated and highly inspired! So good to speak with you. DD: Now, let me state for the record: what you have[...]
Greetings, Dieselfunkateers! WICOMICON COMETH! Like a Phoenix from the ashes, WICOMICON has come to save the day after the abrupt postponement of Universal FanCon This event, formed in only a few days, seems to be a move towards the positive in this sorely needed period for Fandom for Inclusion. Image by Mshindo Kuumba It's amazing what can[...]
The Nerds of Color and Black Heroes Matter have come together to create an event for those affected by FanCon's sudden postponement: WICOMICON! This pop-up con will be held on April 28th at 1100 Wicomico Street in Baltimore According to the amazing group putting this show on: "This week, diverse pop culture fans from all over the[...]