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Assassin G
Bleeding Cool has previously looked at old friends Brian Cunningham, and Hank Kalanz, freed from their DC Comics ties, now working at Immortal Studios to create the first comic book-based shared universe of Wuxia martial arts-fantasy stories, with a series of interconnected comic books inspired by the storytelling of Shiao Yi The publisher has officially launched[...]
Wuxia Graphic Novel, Assassin G by Jen Troy & He Tao, Gets A Trailer
"This is our fourth addition to the Immortal Storyverse, and I'm quite pleased how this story has solid threads into our other series, and yet stands alone as an exciting new action-packed thrilling quest for revenge." Bleeding Cool previously reported that former DC Comics editors Brian Cunningham, and former DC SVP and Youngblood co-creator Hank Kanalz,[...]
RWBY: Ice Queendom: Improves on Original, First 3 Episodes on YouTube
Blue helped put Rooster Teeth on the map, but RWBY was the company's first successful attempt to create an original series or IP as the business departments like to call it. Here are the first 3 episodes of RWBY: Ice Queendom: RWBY was a mix of influences that Oum and Rooster Teeth's main fanbase like anime and[...]
The Emperor’s Sword: A Serviceable Wuxia B-Movie with a Dark Message
The Emperor's Sword is an interesting curiosity: a seemingly typical wuxia movie about warriors who return to fight against the forces of a tyrant It's a B movie in the sense that it doesn't feature any famous A-list stars, nor are the co-directors household names Then it takes a darker, more tragic direction at almost[...]
A Writer’s Odyssey: A Pulpy but Fun Mash of High Concepts
The way the fantasy world and the contemporary world bleed into each other is deliberately meta in ways not seen since Mario Vargas Llosa's classic novel Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, only with more pulp and wuxia action. Who is This Movie For? The actual meaning of the movie's Chinese title is "Kill the author." Its English[...]
Zhang Yimou's Shadow: An Elegant Merging of Wuxia and Film Noir
Instead of pulp, he wants to make an arthouse film out of a wuxia movie here Maybe it's a course correction after the commercial misstep of The Great Wall That's right, he also directed that movie, which nobody wanted or liked. Well Go USA Zhang Yimou is one of the premiere arthouse auteurs of Chinese Cinema[...]