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WWE SmackDown Recap 3/25:
With only one week to go until WrestleMania, the stakes are pretty high right now for WWE to make every minute of SmackDown count in building towards their biggest show of the year, which I don't have to remind you that the company has promised to be "the most stupendous WrestleMania ever!"  So after this week's episode of SmackDown[...]
Not Even Death Itself Frightens WWE Champion Brock Lesnar
 But while there are plenty of living things, animal and human alike, who fear for their lives around Lesnar, how does the WWE Champion feel about facing his own mortality? Image: Screencap In a radio interview on ESPN New York's The Michael Kay Show, Brock Lesnar was asked if there's anything that frightens a man like him?  The[...]
SmackDown Preview 2/25: A WrestleMania Main Event Contract Signing
After Brock Lesnar demolished his opponents in the Elimination Chamber match last Saturday and again became WWE Champion, the stage was set for him to face the Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania in a title versus title match  Tonight on SmackDown, we will see WWE's top two champions come face-to-face as Lesnar and Reigns[...]
SmackDown Recap 1/7: The Road To The Royal Rumble Has Begun
 And that brings out the WWE Champion and his advocate. A Beast and his Advocate #SmackDown @BrockLesnar @HeymanHustle pic.twitter.com/qKqPZOuK39 — WWE (@WWE) January 8, 2022 Heyman tries to start his classic introduction, but Lesnar stops him and instead gets in Reigns' face and does his own version of it  Lesnar then challenges Reigns to a title vs title[...]
SmackDown Preview 1/7: WWE's Two Top Champions Are Set To Face Off
 With Reigns missing and Lesnar still owed a title shot, "The Beast" was instead added to the match for the WWE Championship, where he would go on to defeat Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, and defending Champion Big E to win the gold  So what of his ongoing battle with Roman Reigns?  Apparently, we'll find out tonight on[...]
SmackDown Preview 11/19: Sasha Banks Seeks Revenge Against Shotzi
 We then see each of the Usos thrown violently from the entrance area onto the stage. Big E's music hits and the WWE Champion makes his way out, looking furious  He and Reigns start brawling on the ramp and Big E throws Reigns all around the ringside area, before getting him in the ring so he[...]
Goldberg Is Coming Back To Face Bobby Lashley At SummerSlam. Yay…
It turns out Bret Hart's favorite wrestler of all time, Goldberg, will be returning as soon as next week on Raw to challenge WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam. Goldberg is to return on next week's Raw and challenge Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam, courtesy of WWE. Fightful Select is saying that Goldberg will indeed be crashing the party at the American Airlines[...]
WWE Raw Worked Beginning To End Last Night.  Let's Look At Why.
 Well, last night's episode of Raw was… different. The new WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, courtesy of WWE. How was Raw different this week?  For one thing, they actually used some basic storytelling techniques  Anyone that has ever taken a basic writing or storytelling class knows that the beginning is important because that's where you hook your audience and[...]