Goldberg Is Coming Back To Face Bobby Lashley At SummerSlam. Yay…

Here's some exciting news for kids who had a crappy Cable TV plan in 1998 that didn't include the USA Network or for kids who didn't actually watch wrestling back then and thought that they were buying "Stone ColdSteve Austin merchandise to look cool at school. It turns out Bret Hart's favorite wrestler of all time, Goldberg, will be returning as soon as next week on Raw to challenge WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam.

Goldberg Is Coming Back To Face Bobby Lashley At SummerSlam. Yay…
Goldberg is to return on next week's Raw and challenge Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam, courtesy of WWE.

Fightful Select is saying that Goldberg will indeed be crashing the party at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on the first live Raw in front of an actual live audience since March of 2020.  WWE is making sure that next week's Raw and Smackdown episodes are big must-see events to celebrate their return in front of live crowds and to do so, they're calling in the troops that they think will bump ratings, including the returns of John Cena and Becky Lynch.

They're treating next month's SummerSlam the same way, hoping to create an almost Wrestlemania-Esque show to welcome fans back.  With that in mind, they're giving fans exactly what they want: a sure-fire five-star classic between Goldberg and Lashley, which is sure to go more than 40 minutes and be a technical masterpiece that will change the perceived ceiling of wrestling storytelling forever.

Ok, no.  It'll be five minutes at most and basically, just be Goldberg and Lashley exchanging spears and other "monster" finishers until Goldberg looks like he's within striking distance of a heart attack and Lashley feels like enough is enough for one night and that will be that.

And with those five minutes of work, Goldberg will have checked off one of his two required matches for the year and we can all wait in anticipation to see when he'll be using up the other one, though it will probably be at the company's return to Saudi Arabia by the end of this year.

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