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Not Even Death Itself Frightens WWE Champion Brock Lesnar

Let's be blunt: Brock Lesnar is a very scary man.  He's huge, he's proven he can beat the hell out of almost anyone, and he has the kind of air about him that he could kill someone at any moment.  And if you are a wild animal up in Saskatchewan, Canada where Lesnar and his family live, you should be very scared that he will in fact kill you.  But while there are plenty of living things, animal and human alike, who fear for their lives around Lesnar, how does the WWE Champion feel about facing his own mortality?

Not Even Death Itself Frightens WWE Champion Brock Lesnar
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In a radio interview on ESPN New York's The Michael Kay Show, Brock Lesnar was asked if there's anything that frightens a man like him?  The WWE Champion dove right in headfirst with his answer, showing that he doesn't sweat the thing that scares people more than anything, saying "I'm not even afraid of dying."

Now before you get the idea that Brock Lesnar is some kind of crazy daredevil or something, he did elaborate that it's more that he doesn't fear it because he has accomplished so much and won't have that "if only…" feeling that so many of us have when we dread the end. "I've lived a complete life. I'm not scared to die. I would be disappointed for my children, but no. Not even death."

While the grim reaper doesn't intimidate the Royal Rumble winner, Brock Lesnar does describe a moment where a very large animal made him a bit nervous. "Last fall I did get a little spooked by a bull moose. I got charged a little bit in the bush by a bull moose. For a second, I got a little flustered."  But like with any other big opponent who seemed to have the edge on him, Lesnar did indeed go over in the end.  "I got a little flustered but then I contained myself and I shot him. Yes, moose meat is the best."

So there you have it, folks.  Brock Lesnar: he doesn't fear death and he loves him some moose meat.  What a man!

h/t Wrestling Inc.

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