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Marvel Printed 8 Million But Jim Lee's X-Men #1 Sells For A Premium
I guess this is proof that if you wait long enough, anything becomes valuable, even X-Men #1 As part of this weekend's August 8-9 Sunday & Monday Comic Books Select Auction #122132 at Heritage Auctions, they have a copy of Chris Claremont and Jim Lee's X-Men #1, which holds the Guinness Book Of World Records'[...]
X-Men #1 About To Set A New Record
In 2012, a CGC 9.8 slabbed copy of X-Men #1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby published by Marvel Comics in 1963  sold for $492,937.500 In 2016, a CGC 9.6 copy sold for $350,000 Well, right now, a copy of X-Men #1 slabbed at CGC 9.6 is currently up for auction with ComicConnect as part[...]
Check Our Scott, Jean and Logan's Living Quaeters
And now in X-Men #1 we get to see the Summers' living arrangements With Jean and Scott having separate living quarters As does Logan With Jean located right between Logan and Scott How handy. Married with a kid… So who put Wolverine in the corner? Now… where is Emma living? X-MEN #1 DX (W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Leinil Francis Yu DAWN[...]
X-Men #1
Here is a copy of Chris Claremont and Jim Lee's X-Men #1 from 1991 With a print run of 7 million copies And on sale at Books-A-Million. How much is that? $549.95. I think it is possible that someone might have made a mistake But not according to the cashier… According to the lady The person who sold them[...]