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Red Hood Returns to Gotham in New XM Studios Statue
XM Studios is bringing back this kick ass bat-family hero with there newest DC Comics Rebirth statue Standing roughly 13.5 inches tall, the Red Hood with come with swappable head sculpts, one features his red mask and the other is a damaged mask showing his face underneath The statue is hand crafted and hand painted[...]
Spider-Man Iron Spider Costume Gets New Statue from XM Studios
XM Studios is back with another perfectly crafted Marvel Comics statue This time we are traveling to the Civil War story arc as Peter Park dons the Iron Spider Spider-Man costume This 1/4th scale statue will have three mechanical arms that can be adjusted to the collector's preference The statue is hand painted which gives[...]
XM Studios Black Adam DC Comics Rebirth Statue
The power of Black Adam has arrived with XM Studios and their newest DC Comics Rebirth statue This will be a companion piece to the recently revealed Shazam statue Just like Shazam, Black Adam will feature a light up a chest thunderbolt as well as two head sculpts One will be featuring a hooded portrait[...]
XM Studios Shazam DC Comics Rebirth Statue
This DC Comics hero has had a very complication comic book history, However, he is popular enough to get his own live action movie in 2019 and now XM Studios brings him to live with their newest DC Rebirth statue series This 1:6 scale statue will feature a light-up chest as well as two head[...]
Spider-Man 2099 Comes From the Future with XM Studios
Spider-Man 2099 is back from the future with his newest collectible from XM Studios This highly detailed statue shows off the Miguel O'Hara as the Spider-Man of the future After an experiment goes wrong with original Spidey DNA, Miguel gains accelerated vision and the ability to grown talons and fangs This altered version of Spider-Man[...]
Nightwing Captures the Art of the Samurai with XM Studios
XM Studios has announced there next DC Comics statue As their partnership with Warner Bros Consumer Products, they are giving fans some unique designs from a world that never was These new and exotic statues put some of your favorite characters from the Batman universe in ways you never have seen them before This time,[...]
Justice League vs Darkseid Battle Diorama Statues from XM Studios
XM Studios has finally revealed its massive DC Comics Justice League vs Darkseid Battle Diorama Statue This statue is 1:6 scale and will feature 7 members of the Justice League: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman The team will be placed in a very nice dynamic diorama as they take[...]
Jessica Cruz (Rebirth) Premium Collectibles statue from XM Studios
XM Studios has put up pre-orders for their next DC Comics DC Rebirth statue This time we are getting Green Lantern but not just any Lantern, we are getting Jessica Cruz She is pretty new to the comics and the most recent Earthling to get the power of the ring This 1:6th scale statue is[...]
Eddie X The Chinese Dragon: 2016 The Book Of Souls World Tour Premium Collectibles statue
Iron Maiden are rocking out with XM Studios as a new statue has been announced This statue comes from the band's artwork from their The Book of Souls World Tour in China 2016 This collectible combines heavy metal with pop culture with this highly detailed and unique statue The statue shows off Iron Maiden's mascot[...]
Transformers Grimlock Statue from XM Studios
XM Studios has announced that the fan-favorite character is back and with a beautifully crafted statue The 1:10 scale is hand crafted, hand painted, and brought to life by some amazing XM artists This statue nearly took 2 years to create as they brought the Generation 1 Transformers design to life with a realistic aesthetic[...]
DC Premium Collectibles DC Rebirth Series Catwoman Statue from XM Studios
Batman Week continues as we get yet another new Batman Universe collectible from XM Studios This time the delightful and sassy Catwoman is getting a new premium collectible statue This 1:6 scale statue is hand crafted and hand painted to perfection so fans are getting a high quality piece This Catwoman statue is also limited[...]
XM Studios Modern Thor Statue
XM Studios continues to roll out the red carpet for its ongoing Marvel Comics statue line We have already seen Red Hulk and Thanos get some amazingly crafted pieces this year and there is even more up their sleeve This time the God of Thunder himself, Thor, has arrived with a 499 limited edition statue[...]
XM Studios Statue Darkseid
XM Studios has announced that the DC Comic villain Darkseid is their next release This statue perfectly captures the villain and is made from cold-cast porcelain and is handcrafted This 1/6th scale figure comes with two head sculpts that feature different facial expressions of Darkseid He will also have two different interchangeable right arms, one[...]
XM Studios is giving Marvel fans a real treat here with their Thanos and Lady Death statue This statue is highly detailed and features Thanos and his cosmic lover Lady Death is a wide variety of poses This statue is super customizable with three alternative portraits for Thanos with a standard evil grin, a screaming[...]
Red Hulk Is a Beast in the New XM Studios Statue
It'll make him into a badass superhuman with a fiery touch! XM Studios is bringing this monster to life with their newest Marvel statue The detail and sculpt are something truly remarkable and it a beast on its own I love the little touch of the General hat and glasses at the feet of him[...]