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DC Comics Super Sons Save the Day With XM Studios
The mini-series did not last too long, but it gave fans a new spin on the next generation of DC Comics, and now fans can bring them home with XM Studios Standing 15 inches tall, the statue shows off both Superboy and Robin in their superhero costumes as they are ready for some action Hand-painted[...]
Superman Is Back From the Dead With Black Suit XM Studios Statue
XM Studios is diving into the past of DC Comics as they announce their newest DC Comics statue Superman is back from the dead and wearing his iconic black and silver recovery suit Standing roughly 20" tall, Superman is breaking out of his Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix The statue will feature two different head sculpts, allowing[...]
DC Comics Rebirth Bizarro Makes His Landing at XM Studios
One of Superman's foes is back as XM Studios unveils their newest DC Comics Rebirth statue Things are about to get a little bizarre as Bizarro is ready to take on the Man of Steel with his newest statue Standing roughly 17" tall, the DC Comics antihero is displayed on rubble while he crushes an[...]
Sinestro Brings the Chaos With New DC Rebirth Xm Studios Statue
XM Studios has announced their newest DC Comics Rebirth statue featuring the might and all-powerful Sinestro with Parallax The leader of the Sinister Corps stands roughly 20" and is handcrafted and hand-painted Based on the DC Rebirth story, these statues will also be a companion piece to the Green Lantern XM Studios statue With high[...]
Magic: The Gathering Chandra Nalaar Brings the Heat to XM Studios
XM Studios has announced a brand new 1:4 scale statue that is handcrafted and hand-painted from the hit series, Magic: The Gathering The Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar is bringing to heat to fans' collection with this beautifully sculpted statue She is displayed casting her fire spells as she stands in a spiral of fire The Magic:[...]
Captain America Is Worthy as He Wields Mjolnir With Xm Studios
XM Studios has announced their newest Marvel premium collectible series statue with the Ultimate Captain America This 1/4 scale statue depicts the iconic star m-spangled Marvel Comics icon in all his glory with high amounts of detail with their hand-crafted and hand-painted statues This super soldier is back once again with not one but two[...]
Reverse Flash Speeds Into XM Studios With New DC Rebirth Statue
Reverse Flash is on the hunt for the Scarlet Speedster as XM Studios announced their newest DC Rebirth statue This 1/6th scale statue is hand painted and handcrafted to perfection that will please any Flash fan Reverse Flash is speeding his way across the train tracks and only leaving nothing but destruction in his path[...]
X-Men Professor X Gets His Own Statue With XM Studios
Class is in session as XM Studios announces a new Marvel statue featuring the leader of the X-Men, Professor X Professor X's role has recently changed if you are reading the new X-Men comics but it wasn't always like that Like most comic book characters, the Professor has gone Over many cosmetic changes throughout X-Men[...]
Batman Who Laughs Arrives at XM Studios from the Dark Multiverse
The Batman Who Laughs is back once again with a brand new statue from XM Studios The Dark Nights: Metal villains has been gaining quite a lot of popularity recently with a vast variety of new collectibles The newest one is from XM Studios with their rendition of the Jokerized Batman and his faithful crows[...]
Thor Gets New Marvelous Statue from XM and Legendary Beast Studios
Lightning strikes once again as Thor is back with a beautifully crated statues from the collaboration between XM Studios and Legendary Beast Studios Thor is the 2nd statue to come to of the 1/3 Premium Format statue series The Marvel Comics icon gets 2 head sculpts that lets collectors display him with a beard and[...]
Batman Returns to 1972 with New XM Studios Statue
XM Studios is taking fans back to 1972 with their next DC Comics statue featuring Batman Celebrating 80 years of the caped crusader, this 1:6 scale statue features a homage to the cover of Batman #241 The Caped Crusader is shown in one of his classic costumes black and light gray colors with the yellow[...]
Joker Gains the Power of Mythical Orochi with New XM Studios statue
XM Studios continues with their original Batman Samurai designs and this time the Joker has been unleashed The Joker Orochi statues fuse the madness of the Clown Prince with the mythical eight-headed and eight tailed dragon The Orochi is placed at the base of the statue while Joker is wearing a uniquely designed samurai armor[...]
Batman Samurai Shugo Enters the War with XM Studios
XM Studios is back with some new DC Comics samurai designs with Batman This time Batman has taken the title of Shugo and becomes the protector of his are providence He is standing on top of a bat-signal light that is designed after a ceremonial drum The signal will be able to rotate 360 degrees[...]
Red Hood Returns to Gotham in New XM Studios Statue
XM Studios is bringing back this kick ass bat-family hero with there newest DC Comics Rebirth statue Standing roughly 13.5 inches tall, the Red Hood with come with swappable head sculpts, one features his red mask and the other is a damaged mask showing his face underneath The statue is hand crafted and hand painted[...]